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Locate the Locals

What I hope is happening on Main Street Mason City along with all the other smaller cities and towns, is a re-awakening of the need for locally owned businesses. Just in this past year, I have noticed here in downtown Mason City, the number of buildings for rent and or for sale have decreased substantially. This is a very good thing for Mason City' … continue reading

Is It Picture Perfect?

It has again been confirmed today...After showing a family the same home far more than just once, and months of looking at other homes, investigating and talking about all the things the buyers could do to improve and create a real home for themselves and their children, they called me today and said that they purchased another property from a di … continue reading

The tale of two buyers…

When yours truly entered the world of real estate sales so terribly many years ago, I found that the young buyers were filled with vision and the willingness to make something out of nearly nothing. Today we call it “sweat equity”. I find that those buyers are now becoming fewer and farther between. I ask myself, “Is it because we are becomin … continue reading

Quieter and Gentler life…

I had the most wonderful opportunity to speak with one of the “powers that be” here in the city today and was most delighted to find that I am yet not alone. For nearly 45 minutes we spoke about out childhood days of growing up on a working farm with so many siblings. Early up and late to bed and yet it was all worth it. Can you imagine before … continue reading

New Proposed City Ordinance

It looks like there will be a City Ordinance on it's way to becoming a reality. Seems as though there are mixed feelings about how well it will be enforced and who is ultimately responsible.  Will it be the owner of the property or the occupant?  Scraping away the negativity leaves us with some real positive prospects.  What about creating neigh … continue reading

Spring sprucing up

Seems this winter not wanting to let go, leaves us in the state of cabin fever. Everyone wants to get outside and do something.  Well, before you put on your walking shoes, step back and take a look at the inside of your home. Remember, it's been months and months since you've had the windows open and there's likely a film of dust on everything du … continue reading