Red Pepper Day

Red Pepper DayHaving no real estate appointments outside the office today, I finished up on some of the last of my office work that carried over from yesterday along with making a several calls to clients regarding their listings.  The entirety of the remainder  was spent on a daunting 8 hour project which I did finally finish just before 6:00 p.m.  Looking at the finished product I said to myself, “It really looks good, but hope I never have to do something like this again for a very long while.”  It just happened to be a job that’s been staring at me for many months, so after today I can now stare back with a smile.

Most people plug themselves into something when working, but yours truly just thinks of a subject and expands on it to where my thoughts are carried in many directions. It’s amazing how much one can remember about situations so many years ago when un-distracted for a long period of time.

My thoughts were going into such information over-loads that I had to stop and turn them to something else.  Just thinking about several of my favorite grade school classmates, caused me to remember some of the disgusting things a few of them did who actually still live here in our City.  There happened to be two classmates who possessed the dirtiest habit of of eating their buggers while in class.  No matter how much I’d try to ignore them, they seemed to always be doing it in my line of vision.  Another one that lives here would absolutely NEVER blow her/his nose.  There was always that annoying sound of it getting “sucked” back up the nostrils.  When I began remembering even more about my school mates, my switch got flipped so to start thinking about something more pleasant.

Another thought subject happened to be centered around the headlines of today’s newspaper.  So, if there’s anyone with enough brain matter left in our City, they should realize that there’s a much larger and lasting problem with our community which eclipses this so-called renaissance project up for a vote in November.  First of all, there are huge social issues at work which are getting all the worse on a yearly basis.  Take a closer look at all the back-packing bikers and pedestrians walking and riding up and down our streets and alleys.  There’s developing a huge rift between those that have, and those that don’t.  This renaissance is being geared toward a select group which I believe is terribly wrong.  And the jobs created?  Don’t think any but a few will only be slightly above minimum wage.

What Mason City needs is someone with the guts to get our community cleaned up and cleared out of that which is turning professional companies away from locating here.  And you wonder why Clear Lake’s housing is $20K, $30K, and even $40K higher than what one would similarly find here in Mason City.  There’s something more than the lake that’s prompting people to live there rather than here.  It seems nobody wants to speak about our real issues openly. It’s all either whispered away, or dismissed as something nobody can do anything about changing.  Well, I say if it got started, then it can be stopped and start getting our City back on track. And this time I mean it!

A dear client gave me some freshly picked peppers which inspired me to say, “Oh, you’ve created a red pepper day for me.  Aren’t they beautiful?

Joe Chodur

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