Breaking Dawn

Breaking DawnThere wasn’t much excitement in the world of real estate today and likely due to the rapid change in our weather.  I’m still in denial of how warm this month has been. Today a customer of mine mentioned one of his friends who watches the weather patterns quite closely, telling him these next two or three months will be markedly warmer than normal.  I guess that’s fine by us, but I hope it’s not going to have a negative long term effect on our trees and shrubs that require a certain number of days below freezing for them to have their normal time of rest.

Nearly the bulk of my day was spent working on closing files that are quickly nearing. There’s one more file I have to get completed, and then that should be the end of my being tied to my desk these coming days.  While visiting with one of my sellers and with a wink I said, “Now please don’t consider me a micro-manager, but rather more of a mother hen when reminding you about certain things to do the day before, and the day of closing.”  He laughed and said, “Don’t worry about that. I encourage you to be my “mother hen” just to make sure I haven’t forgotten something.”  At least I have one seller who understands the meaning of my madness.

One of my conversations today wasn’t the most pleasant, and likely the one bearing the brunt of my verbal onslaught, did come to a rapid understanding of the way in which I conduct business as well as what my expectations are from those with whom I do business.  Thinking later about our conversation, I was reminded again how there are some people in our society who expect a free ride at the expense of others.  I bristle every time I even think someone is attempting to extort another–especially if they’re part of our elder population.  It’s no wonder all these scams are taking place.  As I see it, it’s a monkey-see/monkey-do scenario.  Those dark-minded ones are of the mindset that if others can get something free, then they should too.  There are times when I wish there were an invisible switch I could flip that would invoke a barrage of karma back onto them.

One of my clients stopped by the office today who’s quite well respected in our senior community due to all the contacts he’s had while in the workforce.  We found ourselves on the subject of the growing numbers of seedy and dilapidated rental homes that are growing all the more numerous by the day due to the thoughtlessness of a small group of investors who could care less about our City.  If they even cared a smidgen, their properties wouldn’t be in such states.  It’s not need driven, but rather greed driven, and  I can’t wait for the day to arrive when our Federal Government starts turning off the tap of free money for underserving freeloaders who’ve honed their skills at working the “system”.  He also agreed this special interest project being promoted my a select few of our residents which we’re supposed to be voting on, is going to do absolutely nothing to get our City back on track and create REAL jobs for REAL homeowners.  Homeownership is what strengthens neighborhoods and protects the biggest long term investments people normally make which is their homes.

What do you think of the above photo I’ve named, “Breaking Dawn”?  Sometimes the early morning light can make the most commonplace of things hauntingly beautiful.

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