Monthly Archives: April 2017

I wanna Do it Myself

It was a bit frightening when looking at the clouds later this afternoon.  They looked so much like snow clouds, I feared the temperature was going to quickly drop and start snowing.  We all remember that eight inches of snow we received in early May of 2015 and the havoc it created.  I'll never forget the daunting task I had getting it all shov … continue reading

Lightening Speed

This week has been one that has thus far been filled with yours truly having to wait on and/or clear up something that another Realtor I'm involved with in a real estate transaction.   Today was the third time that I had to tell another agent that it wasn't my buyer's responsibility to transfer the utilities on a home I sold until closing day arr … continue reading

Monster 6 Stall Garage

"Red sky in the morning is a sailor's warning.", and that's exactly what type of day it turned out to be after seeing the red sky at sunrise.  I think everyone's in agreement we've had enough rain for a while.  If this keeps up, the farmers will struggling to get their crops planted.  I'm glad the strong winds finally subsided.I had a good int … continue reading

With you Shortly

Today was yet another day where I was brought even more up to speed with the way the nighttime shenanigans are growing all the crazier in our fair City.  It seems someone broke into a basement entrance at a building Downtown and must've decided to create some sort of shelter for him or herself.  A stale loaf of bread and discarded food wrappers w … continue reading

To New Heights

It couldn't have been a more beautiful day for being Easter.  Knowing I had some traveling to do, I climbed out of bed earlier than normal so to get a few things done before I headed out of town to an Easter morning religious service.With it being so beautiful out in the countryside, I was certainly enjoying the scenery while driving there.  Se … continue reading

A New Niche

What an absolutely miserable gray and wet day it was today.  The weatherperson did say we'd have rain, but it didn't expect it to be intermittent the entire day.  It would stop long enough to get the sidewalks half dry, but then it was back at it again.My trips over to Clear Lake have been more frequent with my now having two different buyers l … continue reading

Never Looking Back

I'm hoping this rain will stop before Easter Sunday or it'll likely not set well with those who are driving any great distances to be with their families this weekend.  Either my sense of smell is getting more acute, or there are many more earthworms coming out of the ground than there're normally are in Spring.  Yet again this afternoon, I could … continue reading


This was certainly a day that came and went in a whirl.  For sure I was in my car more time than at the office.  I think everyone was trying to lump two days work into one since many people will have the whole, or possibly part of their day off tomorrow.Just today I was noticing the honest to goodness budding of trees and shrubs.  It's almost … continue reading

A Big Stick

My morning was mostly spent on getting small problems resolved with what seemed to be my day of dealing with appliances.  In one of the homes I just sold, there's a gas range which appeared to not be working when the buyer went to turn it on.  I drove out there and discovered the pilot lights were out.  Evidently someone must've turned the gas o … continue reading

Nothing Better for Thee

Our City is continuing to reel over the unfortunate deaths of the five young ones who lost their lives in the car crash/accident that took place around 2:30 am Monday morning.  The shock waves have been rippling thru our community to the point where nearly everyone I spoke with today has something to say about it.  One asked, "With the fire stati … continue reading