Monthly Archives: April 2017

Beaten to Death

It wasn't very pleasant hearing it hailing outside late last evening.  Thank goodness the hail stones were not very large and only fell for about a minute or two.  Now today more rain again causing me to remember what last year's April was like. I'd say we're heading for a more wet and overcast Spring.  Speaking of Spring, I couldn't help but no … continue reading

Memorable Palm

It's near unbelievable how warm it was outside today.  While I was showing an acreage, I was actually growing uncomfortably warm while out walking the land with buyers.  We all came to the conclusion it was unusually muggy.  With this hot house effect, the grass and flowers will be growing at lightening speed if this keeps up.Since I had a few … continue reading

Lacking Charisma

Oh what a beautiful sunny day it was. If only the wind wasn't blowing so hard, I think there would have been more people out and about.  It made me smile early this afternoon seeing the number of young people enjoying themselves in East Park.  There were several people fishing, a young mother and her daughter over near the deer pen, and a smatter … continue reading

The Fast Track Back

It looks like we're heading into a pleasant weekend as far as our weather is concerned.  I'm hoping many of our lazy tenants and homeowners will be out cleaning up the refuse that's accumulated around their homes over the Winter.  When driving past some yards, it looks like holdovers from last Fall.  For some reason, the public awareness of th … continue reading

Leave it Be

In the realm of real estate sales, one never really knows how the day is going to unfold--even if nearly every hour is filled with scheduled appointments. It's what some may believe to be our blessing or curse. I actually enjoy the element of something new or memorable happening every day to where if nothing worth remembering happens, I chalk it of … continue reading

Eleventh Hour

With today's activity in real estate, it appears the buyers are still out there.  Yet another one of my listings sold today.  Thank goodness I have a listing appointment scheduled for tomorrow and if the seller does list it, I'm certain it'll be sold quickly due to its proposed price range as well as being in a popular neighborhood.  I'm quite f … continue reading

628 S. Carolina

The clouds sure don't want to give up to the sun these days.  I thought the morning rays were going to stay, but once again the clouds returned.  I hope this isn't going to be one of those nasty wet Springs we had some years past.  I was just thinking the other day about that year when the ground was so wet, many farmers had to plant cover crops … continue reading


Another wet and gray day in North Iowa just came and went.  I'm beginning to wonder if Mother Nature is punishing us for something we've done or didn't do.  Even the general public is beginning to set up and take notice of it.  Of course there's always that psychological by-product of people being a bit more on the crabby side than normal. I en … continue reading

Buyer With Vision

One reason I really don't like gray days, is that while driving around our City, I notice all the more dysfunction, neglect, and discord.  I can't believe how many people use their open front porches as receptacles where anything and everything is plopped. Front porches mind you!  Aren't front porches supposed to be inviting to where one has a bi … continue reading

Devil’s Workshop

After getting my open house signs out early this morning, I went back to the office and spent several hours working on preparing a lease for new tenants that are moving into a home belonging to one of my clients.  When they arrived, I spent enough time going over the terms of the lease along with their responsibilities, so they'd fully understand … continue reading