Never Looking Back

Never Looking Back-1I’m hoping this rain will stop before Easter Sunday or it’ll likely not set well with those who are driving any great distances to be with their families this weekend.  Either my sense of smell is getting more acute, or there are many more earthworms coming out of the ground than there’re normally are in Spring.  Yet again this afternoon, I could smell night crawlers in the air.  Our very primitive, yet acute sense of smell is quite amazing at times.  Mouse and bat turds are also smells that can’t be copied.

Someone asked me once how it is that I can smell mice and bats.  I blushingly said, “If there are mice or bats in a house, it’s the lingering odor of their feces that gives them away because they certainly don’t go back outside on cold winter nights to poop or pee”  Of course the smell of a dead mouse is entirely another story.  I’ll never forget the frustrating situation that took place not long ago when showing a vacant listing of mine.  Every time I was in the kitchen, I could smell an expired rodent.  It got to the point where it became a crusade to find where that smell was coming from.  I looked in every cabinet, pulled out every drawer, and nothing–each and every time.  I really was beginning to think I was hallucinating.

The very next time I showed it, I once again got a whiff of it in the kitchen in an area around the sink.  The buyers didn’t seem to notice it, but I did.  After they viewed the interior, we all surveyed the exterior and finished with the garage.  As we were walking to our cars, I said to the buyers, “I’m going back in to make sure all the doors are locked and lights off.”  After they drove off, I made a beeline to the kitchen determined to find the “decedent”.   That time I started pulling the drawers completely out, which took an effort because they were attached to sliders.  Of course it had to be the bottom drawer that solved the mystery.  That dead mouse was laying in an inch or so space between the cabinet bottom and the bottom of the drawer.  Thank goodness I found it. Believe it or not, the home finally got back to its normal smells and was sold not long afterwards.

This afternoon I had a wonderful conversation with a dear one who really is a woman of our earth.  She’s exceptionally sensitive to the textures of the world around her.  When I speak of textures, I mean all sensual textures.  There are textures of touch, textures of sound, textures of visuals, textures of smells, textures of tastes, and even textures of the our fleeting sixth senses.   It’s highly unusual to find someone whose sensitivities are so greatly heightened they’re able to experience a world that we take for granted and likely don’t even realize exists.  It would be interesting to see how many people could actually nurture their senses to where they’re heightened to the point of hers.  She’d be a great model.

Just this morning, a client who lives out of town informed me that he’s distancing himself all the more from the milieu of his family because he’s found it’s become counter productive with his own growth and personal development.  He was adamant when saying, “If I don’t have a good feeling when interacting with another, I simply walk away and never to look back.”  I was glad he shared that with me because I’ve noticed a more positive approach he’s been taking with his life.  He may possibly have created a simple formula for others to better themselves by just quietly veering off the beaten path and never looking back.

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