Monthly Archives: April 2017

Rhubarb Sunday

With it being another nasty Sunday with our weather and unable to do much of anything outside, I decided to take a drive out of town and attend a church service.  The misty rain and low gray clouds gave the countryside a hauntingly sad appearance.  Most don't realize that when there are days like this, anything that has any color to it seems more … continue reading

Everything is Dual

Just these past days it seems nearly everyone's talking about how tired they are of these gray days.  With April rapidly coming to an end, I'd say this has been one of the cloudiest of Aprils I've seen in a number of years.  It seems the sun continually attempts to stay out at least part of the day, but those gray clouds just want to come rolling … continue reading

Lingering Shivers

Thank goodness this week is drawing to a close by saying without a doubt, "I've had a real workout."  Mind you, I'm not complaining because nearly everything's been good.  I was finding myself getting a tiny bit testy with a tenant who was wanting to change some items on a lease that I spent a good deal of time preparing.  I couldn't help but sa … continue reading

From the Golden Age

The near freezing cold this morning sure got me wide awake as I left for work, and it sure didn't surprise me to see snow flurries in the air after sunrise.  It'll likely get down below freezing tonight, so I hope everyone whose decided to plant their "warm crop" plants so early, are making sure to cover them or they'll not survive.  Peppers and … continue reading

Major Evils

Another gray day in North Iowa didn't stop me from getting one of my listings sold.  That house is what I consider to be a classic example of a home that has a mind of its own.  Nearly everyone chooses a home they want to buy, but once in a great while, it's the home that invisibly taps the buyers on their shoulders and says, "I pick you.", and i … continue reading

Start Cutting Debt

Oh Mercy!  The amount of near non-stop work that I expected for today certainly came to pass, and then some.  At least I managed to get everything I wanted done without any un-expected surprises.  I certainly put enough miles on my car from having to drive to Clear Lake and back, then down to Thornton and back, and later over to Nora Springs.  … continue reading

The Great Migration

From today's activity, it looks like it going to be one of those busier than busy weeks for us in the real estate market here in North Iowa.  I can't help but bristle by the number of texts versus phone calls I get from a number of my associates.  A phone call today from  an agent just about sent me into orbit when telling me I was sent a text a … continue reading

Over 40 Years

You all will certainly think me beyond help when I tell you my little story about the happenings early this morning.  Yes, there are some days when even I consider myself a bit eccentric. But please remember, I'm the one that has to live with myself.For whatever reason I decided to attend a church service in the area and when I looked at my watc … continue reading


In spite there being frost on the rooftops this morning, the day evolved into something quite pleasant.  As soon as the sun was high enough, the temps began to rapidly climb.  After it did warm up a bit, there were certainly a noticeable number of people out working in their yards as well as those Earth Day volunteers walking around picking up th … continue reading

One-Owner Beauty

Alas the sun was shining nearly all day today.  It may sound a bit corny, but nearly all of us would rather have Little Mary Sunshine days than all those colorless gray days that have come and gone thus far this month.In spite of having just two appointments today, I was exceptionally busy playing catch-up with unfinished business from yesterday … continue reading