Monthly Archives: March 2017

Children with Paws

The highlight of my day was the closing on a property that I've been working at getting sold for quite some time.  But after all those months, the runway was in sight, the landing gear was going down, and a very soft took place for all parties involved.   Whenever closings like these take place, it gives me all the more sense of accomplishment. … continue reading

Man’s Greatest Fear

Most of my day was spent filling in gaps of time by going back to things needing near immediate attention.  Perhaps the sun, moon, and stars were out of alignment or possibly in a configuration to where everything I touched seemed out of sync.In my hast, I managed to break a key off in a lock which had to be removed and a new key made.  Not but … continue reading

Red Sky in Morning

It seemed to be just one of those rainy days where no matter how much I tried to keep everything on a smooth course, there appeared all the more side-tracks and bumps in the road, as well as the day I would encounter an exceptionally priggish Mrs. Grundy.I would say the highlight of my day was having an opportunity to show one of my listings to t … continue reading

Spotlight on the Cannonball

Thank goodness for the sun today!  I was beginning to think Mother Nature decided we've been overly naughty to where she wouldn't allow the sun to shine down upon us until we cleaned up our acts. I was thinking as such after being made privy to a few overly vicious statements several people I know recently penned.In a few of the local articles t … continue reading

721 N. Delaware

If I hadn't seen it with my own eyes, I wouldn't have believed it. While driving towards Clear Lake late this afternoon, I looked up and noticed about seven or eight bald eagles flying high above me as they were flying in a northeasterly direction.  And to think I'd just read an article early this morning about the eagles migrating through our are … continue reading

Lifetimes of Regrets

My day started rather early with an appointment I had at an acreage out of town.  If anyone would like to get a real glimpse of our countryside without being annoyed by traffic, it's best to do it early on a Sunday morning.  Of the two lazy days of the weekend, I'd say for most part it's Sunday—especially early in the morning.  In thinking I'd … continue reading

An Acorn

It seems these gray skies aren't wanting to give up to the sun these past days.  At least the temperatures are staying above freezing with our cloud cover.  This daily on and off rain seems to be accumulating enough where there are small ponds developing in the fields.As I was driving to another city this afternoon to go to a religious service, … continue reading

2031 Springview Drive

Today was one of those days when I thought there'd be no activity on any of my listings, and to my surprise, by the time the day was over, one of them got sold.  Once again I was reminded how random and unpredictable each day in the business of real estate sales can be.  It looks like I'm going to have a very busy weekend lined up with buyers and … continue reading

The Subject of Morphic Resonance

After being out and about in today's weather, I was reminded what some of the people must have to endure living very high or very low on the globe with their numerous cold and damp days with no sunshine.  Over the years some have spoken about moving to South America, but remember, the farther south you go, the colder the weather gets.  There are … continue reading

Jobs of Growing

Some years ago, someone asked me why I write a "page a day" and post it daily on my website.  After taking a deep breath, I explained how over these recent years I've noticed how much negativity and one-sidedness takes place in our locally printed along with our online news, so I figured I'd step forward and begin an attempt at counter-balancing w … continue reading