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Jobs of GrowingSome years ago, someone asked me why I write a “page a day” and post it daily on my website.  After taking a deep breath, I explained how over these recent years I’ve noticed how much negativity and one-sidedness takes place in our locally printed along with our online news, so I figured I’d step forward and begin an attempt at counter-balancing what people are reading and hearing every day by writing about normal things, simple things, things that get over-looked, and things that have been placed in the wrong light.  Yes, I’ve written about much, but there are times when I’ve felt constrained by the very promise I made to myself back in the beginning where I wouldn’t be naming names or calling people out for what injuries they’ve purposefully caused for others.  So here I am after all those pages, still keeping my word.

With that said, I strongly recommend all my dear readers to start comparing content of as many of the major articles that are being written or broadcasted by our area’s reporters.  There is no question in my mind, you’ll start finding irregularities, biased views, and other sides of stories either being told, or purposely omitted.

I took the time to listen to an interview that was placed online some months ago which from the very beginning, I could tell the reporter’s questions were such that the person’s interview appeared to be too good.  After I finished watching it I thought to myself, “That reporter along with the subject must be good friends or like minds because everything that was said seemed noticeably staged.”  This is the type of reporting I despise.  Good reporters are those who attempt to remain as unbiased as possible to a point where if there’s any sort of prior inter-personal relationship, the interview should be passed on to someone that has no pre-existing attachment with the subject.  There are no claims I can make to being a good editor, but I’ve have come to believe that if I notice something wrong with an article, then there’s likely something wrong with it.  Greasy praises and flowery words are ingredients of an ad campaign–not real news.

A young woman I’ve known for some time who lives in the area along with having been exceptionally well educated when it comes to good and bad writing, has told me in the past how poorly some of our area’s news reports have been written.  Why haven’t the bad reporters tried to clean up their acts?  If they’re like those few who create their own dark agendas just because they don’t personally care for the person their writing about, then I most loudly say, “Shame on them and it’s time for replacements!”.

I had to run out of town on an appointment late this morning and decided to take my camera along in case I’d see something worth sharing.  When I noticed a handsome herd of cattle grazing on the first sprouts of Spring grasses, I had to stop and take the above photo.  They’re so cute!  And to think they’re all minding their own business and getting on with their jobs of growing and living together.  Don’t you think all of us should too?

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