Man’s Greatest Fear

107 S. Rhode Island-1Most of my day was spent filling in gaps of time by going back to things needing near immediate attention.  Perhaps the sun, moon, and stars were out of alignment or possibly in a configuration to where everything I touched seemed out of sync.

In my hast, I managed to break a key off in a lock which had to be removed and a new key made.  Not but thirty minutes later, I discovered a screw and wing nut was missing on one of my signs, so I had to go back to the office and get new ones.  And then about an hour later when I opened my camera to start taking photos of my new listing, I discovered its battery was dead, so bad to my office I flew to get a replacement.  One would likely think I was fit to be tied, but really not because days like this have happened enough times over the years to where I just take it in stride and consider it yet another “funked-up” day and leave it at that.

Somehow I managed to get on the subject with a resident of North Iowa about acreages and the benefits of living on one.  Oh was I was brought up to speed on how things have changed out in our hinterlands.  I was more than causally informed how the effects of living near an asphalt plant can have creepy physical effects on livestock, and possibly humans.  Then there are those giant windmills we see sprouting up all over North Iowa.  According to my informant, they create some sort of an affect on the ears of young children.  I was certainly in dis-belief in hearing that.  He was quick to mention how many long term effects are never investigated.  Lastly he spoke about the the high voltage lines we’ve seen built around North Iowa.  I did mention the reading I’ve done regarding the effects of high voltage lines on farm animals.  Call me crazy, but I’ve walked under those monster lines a time or two and I dare say I felt a certain something that wasn’t there before.

After he finished, I couldn’t help but get on my soapbox and speak about how big business and greedy landowners take the first shiny nickels offered to them without stepping out of their selfish mentalities and consider what type of world they may be creating for the generations following us.  Far too many of us are too “now” oriented to even consider future ramifications.

We both agreed that Mother Nature is only going to take so much and the “rubber band” will snap and we’re all going to get it.  Do I like what I see is happening to our natural world?  Absolutely not, but it isn’t something just one person can change.  It’s gonna have to be a global effort to bring our earth’s destruction to an end.  I dare any one of you to read “Man’s Greatest Fear”, and afterwards tell me you don’t think there’s anything wrong with our planet.  I just dare you!

The above photo is the exterior shot of my new listing located at 107 S. Rhode Island.  Click on the link below to view this beauty.

107 S. Rhode Island Mason City

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