An Acorn

An AcornIt seems these gray skies aren’t wanting to give up to the sun these past days.  At least the temperatures are staying above freezing with our cloud cover.  This daily on and off rain seems to be accumulating enough where there are small ponds developing in the fields.

As I was driving to another city this afternoon to go to a religious service, I got caught in some heavier rain which caused me to be a few minutes late.  I’ve really come to enjoy going to different churches and encounter only strangers within.  I smile to myself when getting second looks from people wondering who I am and where I came from.  The pastor today was interesting enough, but not memorable.  The church itself had the expected ambiance, but didn’t “wow” me, but I will remember the kindness of the lady sitting next to me.

Months ago I mentioned to a man of the cloth my out-of-town journeys to various churches.  I was expecting some sort of chiding, but he actually laughed a bit and said, “You’ll be able to write a book about all your experiences in those churches you’ve visited around North Iowa.”  Thus far, I can say there are two particular churches that contain something very special–both in their spaces and the people.  You may think me all the crazier, but the several times I’ve been to each of them, I could “feel” a great  spirituality that seemed to be very much alive.  What’s surprising is that neither one of them share anything in common other than being churches with people in them.

My public open house at 2031 Springview Drive was far more of a success than I would’ve expected because of the light rain we were getting during that time.  I dare say I wasn’t alone there any more than five minutes.  It must’ve felt colder for others because I happened to notice while there, an elderly lady walking to her car with a stocking hat covering her head.  Perhaps she was a snow bird having returned too early thinking the sun would be shining and our flowers blooming.

As chance would have it, one of my cousins whom I’d not seen in years showed up to have a look.  I barely recognized her simply because I’d only see and talked to her  perhaps twice in my life, and that was when we were both blushingly young.  After having a good look and a great chat over the house, we ended up talking about our families, and the similarities of the two.  I couldn’t help but encourage her to read the book called, “The Soul’s Code” because of the not so pleasant things she’s beginning to see taking place in her immediate family.  She seemed interested enough to where she wrote down the name of the book.  I do hope she reads it, along with sharing it with others in her family.

There’ve been a great many books I’ve read over the years on wide ranges of subjects, but I would rank “The Soul’s Code” in the top 20% of what I would consider well worthy of a read by everyone.  Once you’ve read and fully understood the author’s message, you’ll come to realize how careful we must be by not harboring evil thoughts along with showing bad examples and following through with those imaginings, because those thoughts and deeds are magnified and passed on to the next generation of one’s own family, and that’s when it becomes all the more scary.

The author used an acorn as an example in his book, which for me being naturist, was a very good choice.  Once you’ve taken the time to read it, don’t be surprised if you view an acorn in an entirely different light when you’ve looked down this Fall and seen one.  Perhaps it’ll be your reminder.

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