Spotlight on the Cannonball

Spotlight on the CannonballThank goodness for the sun today!  I was beginning to think Mother Nature decided we’ve been overly naughty to where she wouldn’t allow the sun to shine down upon us until we cleaned up our acts. I was thinking as such after being made privy to a few overly vicious statements several people I know recently penned.

In a few of the local articles these past months, several have spoken about how Mason City doesn’t seem to ever get it right.  The best of intentions seem to always be swallowed up in some sort of black hole and never appear again to be fulfilled.  In one of our quiet circles, I’ve heard a bit of a far-fetched hypothesis as to why our City hasn’t prospered in the fashion of our contemporaries.  They say it’s because of a very bad energy/attitude that has seeped into the bricks and bones of our City.

One would think those who harbored those bad intentions, that after they either died or moved away, their negativity would evaporate.  On the contrary, it’s believed their negative energy remains at the subatomic level to where it continues to have its negative effect.  Of course ill-will is passed on to the children of mean-spirited parents, so thus we find our City’s dark circle growing wider.  And lastly we have people who grew up here, moved away, and then returned with their negative energies still intact, and remain living out their last years in our midst.

What I believe is going to break this vicious cycle, is for those who’re jealous, spiteful, self-hating, others-despising, and completely self-centered, to make honest efforts to change the way they view themselves and the world around them. It would be something like a whole mind/body/soul immersion into a far better way of living life.

Not but two days ago I happened to be talking to a dear friend about some of the spiteful things a handful of people I know have been doing of late.  She said, “I still can’t figure out why they’re doing these things.”  I paused a moment and said, “I’m sorry to say it’s because they have absolutely no real purposes in life.  Their children are gone, their relatives are either dead or want nothing to do with them, so they’re left with nothing better to do than create some sort of sick purpose by intentionally making other people’s lives more challenging.”

We all lived in one place or another where there was a crotchety old person living nearby.  Have you ever wondered why they acted the way they did?  I believe most of them suffered from lack of purpose.  They had nothing better to do than create mountains out of mole hills in efforts for someone to notice them.  The only awards left in their pathetic lives were paper mache trophies they’d given themselves for managing to be noticed by others.  If this sounds familiar, you still have hope, so be sure to fill your lives with positive purposes until you draw your last breaths and not end up being remembered as that crotchety old neighbor that lived down the street.

I was over near East Park today and happened to notice the “Cannonball” shining in the sunlight.  Most of us natives have grown far too accustomed to the real beauty of our City’s natural jewel—East Park.  Just today a visitor mentioned how she loves walking the footpaths whenever she comes to town.  When I went to take the photo, I forgot about its recent restoration/upgrade.  I hope my spotlight on the Cannonball will inspire more visitors to East Park this Summer.  They did a great job of restoring it, considering it was parked there way back, when I was a youngster.

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