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Elegance is an Attitude

Most people take elegance for granted. After these long years of interacting with the general public, it has been again confirmed after working with a woman these past months who is purchasing a home, I have found that there is more to elegance than meets the eye. I will use this person as an example of how we should identify real elegance. My firs … continue reading

Open House Weekend for October 26th and 27th

On Saturday October 26th the following Open Houses will be presented:907 N. Jefferson Ave. 1:00 – 3:00 PM This 4 bedroom 1 ½ bath completely updated family home is a “Must See” before you make your home choice here in Mason City. You'll not find all the bells and whistles in anything close to this price. It is lender owned and they want it … continue reading


Most people live months and years in homes doing their day to day chores of keeping their living spaces in a neat and tidy condition. We make sure the floors are scrubbed clean and the carpets vacuumed as well as windows washed and furniture dusted. We walk past items many times a day that are often real culprits for spreading dust and air borne pa … continue reading

The Return of the Doors

I spent some time in a 3 bedroom brick home today that was built sometime in the mid 1930s which I would say was quite the family home. Most people would walk through it and find themselves confronted by numerous doors. Everywhere you look you find beautiful oak doors with oak casings and trim. Some have windows in them and some are solid with wood … continue reading

Thirteen Steps

Today was another day I discovered a person who is no older than 35 whom is purchasing a 1 story home. I heard from a friend, who said the only reason this person is purchasing a one level home is that going up and down steps was unacceptable because of the work and time involved. How absolutely crazy! Mason City is in the Blue Zone Project and we … continue reading

Oh to be one and twenty…

A listing that I took up in Plymouth today caused me to remember so many years ago a young man who was but one and twenty who was determined to buy a fixer-upper. His mother who looked at homes with him was getting more and more angry at me for showing him properties. I did everything I could do to dissuade him from purchasing something that needed … continue reading

The Epistle according to St. Joseph

I attended a party tonight that was being held in honor for a dear client/customer who just turned 70 years old. It was festive and filled with mirth, yet as always with parties they sometimes turn dark with statements with underlying meanings. The one who's birthday was being celebrated was tricked and tried with a number of birthday gifts includi … continue reading

Acts of Random Kindness

Success in itself is something that at times is immeasurable and hard to define. Our society shines all the spotlights on people who have become successful in sports, in movies, and in business. I prefer to veer off that worn path and look for successes that have been trodden over by the herds of people running to be a part of the all those that ar … continue reading

Open Houses for Weekend October 19th and 20th

Open Houses for Holtz Realty this Weekend October 19th and 20thOn Saturday, October 19th we will have open 530 - 20th St. SE 1:00 – 3:00 PMThis much bigger and better than it looks 3 bedroom ranch home has been lovingly cared for since it was built--and it shows. There are gorgeous hardwood floors even under the carpet in the living room and … continue reading

Keeping the Callouses under Control

The more we seem to endure, assimilate, justify and pacify, the callouses of our jobs seem to appear and create a blindness on our parts as to what really is the best for our clients and customers. I have worked with many business people over the years and have noticed some who have allowed the callouses to enter their business lives. There are tho … continue reading


I am working with a young charming couple who have been renting for quite some time. Some weeks ago we found a home that fit their price range as well as most of their needs. We were able to get it purchased for a bargain price. They had it inspected and as I suspected, the home passed without any major issues needing attention. I will never forget … continue reading

Two Back on the Market Best Buys…

The first one, due to a buyer not being able to get funds to close, is back on the market. This one owner 3 bedroom ranch home has been lovingly cared for since it was built. The owner in later years had a big 2 car garage constructed that is in very good condition. The oak floors throughout are in near perfect condition. What is unique about this … continue reading