A Carnivore’s Evening Meal

I’d say I was in a near constant state of motion from the time my car pulled up at the office this morning.  It came as no surprise because my appointment calendar was filled for the entire afternoon, while my morning hours were spent getting some much needed yard work done.  Even though the grass was wet, I plowed on in spite of it coming out of my mower in clumps once in a while. As all of us know, there are only certain windows of time we’re able to get our personal chores done when working full-time jobs.  At least most of everything I wanted to have finished, did get completed.

Tomorrow is going to be an even longer day because I have appointments in the morning and then more personal work to get finished in the afternoon.  Thank goodness there wasn’t rain today, and tomorrow’s looking like a repeat.

Now that the walnut and oak trees are dropping their nuts, the squirrels are having a heyday with their daily battles of accumulation.  Another reason I dislike squirrels, is they remind me of some humans who’re on live-long paths of accumulation, and you can be sure squirrels are like them in respect to their endless searchings for more.  I’ll never forget seeing how one squirrel stole single-handedly about three bushels of shelled walnuts that were being stored in a garage for later cracking. It must’ve smelled them, so decided to chew a hole in the side of the owner’s garage to get at them.  Irregardless what anyone says, I know their numbers are increasing to the point of a population explosion.

Just last week I noticed a hole that had been chewed out behind a second floor gutter on an older two-story home.  You can be sure those elderly owners haven’t a clue there are squirrels living in their attic.  Several months ago I mentioned to a younger homeowner that I noticed a squirrel entrance that was created behind a gutter on his open front porch.  He acted like it was no big deal, but he’ll think it a big deal if they manage to get into his house.  Remember “National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation” with Chevy Chase? Enough said.

I had an interesting conversation with a gal yesterday who’s on a diet I’d never heard of which is the “Carnivore Diet”.  Since curious me had to hear all about it, I was shocked to hear that even though she’d be on numerous diets over the years, turning into a carnivore has been working best thus far.  What was very interesting about it was hearing about all the upsides there are as long as you remain very strict with what you eat and drink.  She said she’s already lost over 20 pounds.

On that particular diet, all sugars and carbs are completely forbidden, and after she told me how nearly all the average food we eat on a daily basis, has some form or another of sugar in it, which pretty much tells me why there are so many overweight young people running around.

Every time I see young boys and girls that are in that 8 – 10 year old range who’re exceptionally overweight, I shake my head and think, “They’re going to have even a bigger problem trying to remove it as they grow older.”  Just today I noticed two young women walking down a sidewalk with tights on, and for sure they had to both be approaching 200 lbs.  I really wish those darned food manufacturers would stop loading people up with all that sugar.

My public open house at 403 N. Monroe went much better than I’d expected because I don’t think I was alone any more than 10 minutes the entire time.  Everyone that came to look at it was impressed by how well it was taken care of, and above all there being a main floor laundry room.  If that isn’t a bonus, I don’t know what is.

After my open house, I had seven homes to show some people who’re going to be moving here from out of town.  When knowing their “wants” and the price range they’re in, it came as no surprise there being only one of them they consider a possibility.  I did mention to them that the one being their “possibility” was actually a bad showing because there was a small water leak in the basement which had created a very large puddle which the owner didn’t know about until I placed a call later today.  Hopefully in the future, they’ll want to take a better second look.

What surprised me the most about many of the homes I showed today, was the amount of “stuff” people have cluttering their homes–especially the younger ones.  There’s no question that if I had a home to sell, it would be free of all those annoying boxes and totes, and certainly have it all the more de-personalized.  We have to remember, the buying public in these times, are loosing their ability to look past personal possessions.  This is why so many of our “flippers” are making out like bandits with their streamlined homes that are so cleverly staged.  You can be sure I was pointing out flaws in some of those homes today where there must’ve been do-it-yourselfers involved in the work.

I believe tonight’s photo would be a good example of a carnivore’s evening meal.

Tonight’s one-liner is:  The only thing worse than a liar, is a liar that’s also a hypocrite.

Joe Chodur

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