If there were ever a dead-ringer for a classic Friday the 13th, I’d say today will go down in history as one of them, because beginning at the first hour, I was a spectator of a number of unfortunate events.

The first happening, was seeing what the back end of a concrete truck can do to the hood of a Ford F150.  The young owner of that sparkling white truck was beside himself when seeing what had happened.  Evidently that poor cement truck driver must’ve forgotten to fold back up his rear chute, and while backing out of an alley, he caught the front of that pickup which was innocently parked in a public parking lot.  At least no one was injured and his vehicle can be fixed.

My appointment to take a first-look at a home some people are getting ready to sell did happen, but by the time I walked outdoors, I was reminded how some people can get themselves talked into buying homes that weren’t worth making any great improvements on because they were cheaply built in their day, and not meant to be anything more than they were originally meant to be.  Unfortunately, the improvements they made were weak at best, and before I left, I couldn’t help telling them that the best thing they could do is get rid of all their personal belongings, have it thoroughly cleaned, and priced to get rid of.  I have a feeling they’ll be calling other agents and asking their opinions on it, and if someone else does list it at a ridiculously high price, then they’re just wanting to add it to the numbers of their active listings.

Most of the calls that came in were people giving me bad news, or making immediate demands on my thoughts regarding situations having to do with real estate. At one point I was on hold with one while quickly answering the other.  Thank goodness I was able to get all of them taken care of and on their way.

Two different times today, I was called by a woman asking about a particular roofer, and then later a man asking about yet another one.  I freely gave my opinion on both of them because I’d seen their work, and as we all know, it’s best to get third-party opinions when it comes to the reputation of companies doing business in North Iowa.

I had a real jaw-drop around mid-afternoon which had me reeling for the remainder of the day, and all I can say is, I did my best to keep things moving forward and hopefully come Monday, I’ll get the answers I need so we can get everyone back on track.  I was reminded once again how important it is to keep records and especially paid receipts because there are all those many companies that aren’t the best when it comes to keeping track of past sales and services performed.  I had a very soulful chat with a customer today regarding just that, and hopefully there’ll be some much needed record-keeping changes being made in that household.

What I’ve discovered all the more these past years, is that too many of our young who’re not used to the evil ways of our world, are overly trusting of those who make a business out of taking advantage of others.  Those shysters are sometimes clones of their parents, because just today I spoke about one who does business in the same evil manner as her parents, which re-affirms by belief in morphic resonance.  It’s no wonder that old saying, “An apple never falls very far from its tree.”, came about generations ago, because there’s more than just a thread of truth in it.

The bright spot of my day was having a much needed conversation with a kindred spirit of mine who is the most kind and thoughtful person you’d ever want to meet.  It makes me sad she and her husband are moving far away, but we did promise to keep in touch, and this time I believe I’m going to follow-thru on today’s promise.  I’ve come to the conclusion that we’ve both trodden similar paths in our lives while learning to make the best of every situation.  What gives me comfort, is that she’s the happiest she’s been in years and you can see it in her eyes.  Having taken a new direction in her life’s work, I could see it’s working wonders on her mind and body.  Her infectious laugh is all the more genuine now.

I did get a good smile today when a gentleman was teasing me about some of the thoughts I freely share on various subjects when saying, “I think you have too many fireflies flittering around in your brain that they’re now clinging to your screens.”  I looked up at him and said with a smile, “No, I think you’ve mistaken them for all the more neurons lighting up the sky of my cranium after recently getting my batteries re-charged.”  He didn’t think that was a bit funny.

Tonight’s one-liner is:  Luck is believing you’re lucky.

Joe Chodur

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