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Entitlement vs Sustainability

Today's conversations with the general public of Mason City was filled with comments from several buyers and sellers who were a bit heated over what they believe is the abuse of the State of Iowa's and our Federal Government's programs to help the needy. One of buyers who is from southern Minnesota spoke about how he and his seven brothers and two … continue reading

A home for all Seasons

Several days ago I listed a home in the River Heights area of Mason City. That particular older district is unique in that it is in nearly the center of the city yet isolated enough that it doesn't get the heavier traffic usually associated with residential blocks close to business districts. For over forty years my grandmother lived in that distri … continue reading


I had several subjects to write about today but the one of choice is about how our language is getting loaded up with more and more slang. I understand that languages are in a constant state of evolution. I accept that because especially with technology, we find that there are more meanings added to words that were already in use. For example, mous … continue reading


I spoke with one of my colleagues today about several of my new listings that are value priced. She said that she as well, has been having more of a problem selling older 2 story homes. Like myself she can't understand why the buyers today are shying away from the older well built and maintained homes. Being fully aware of the pros and cons of olde … continue reading

Mason City’s Finest

The subject of my article today is the home that I just listed that is indeed one of the most delightful and meticulously cared for homes I have listed in quite some time. It speaks of quality of design and construction as well as carefully planned updates which fit the needs of today's buyers. The owner is a real “gem” of a person. The depth o … continue reading

All Thumbs

Today I experienced more than just several examples of how our current Age of Specialization has created a lack of broad understanding. A generation or two ago people were forced to learn how to do things on their own due to necessity and cost. In our times, some of the simplest tasks are looked at with wide-eyed confusion and fear. What is even mo … continue reading

Glimmers of Gold

Having heard the news several days ago that Clear Lake Bank and Trust purchased the downtown branch of Community National Bank as well as their small west-side office gives the residents of Mason City and North Iowa yet another indication that our community is beginning to turn the corner on upward moving commerce. There are other signs of movement … continue reading

Under the Radar

These past several days have been a roller coaster of events for me. Sunday evening has arrived and I am relatively proud for not allowing myself to be pulled into any toxic dramas. I could never understand and possibly never will the reason why some of my colleagues called Realtors try to set themselves up as heroes; be it either with their buyers … continue reading

Soap on a Rope

Something I am getting more and more disturbed about these past years is the language that is being used mostly in public and I’m sure even more in private.What precipitated me to write about this is that about three weeks ago I was verbally attacked by someone who is a businessperson. The language coming out of that person’s mouth was not on … continue reading

From Pigeon Roosts

Over these past months, I have had more and more people asking me if there are apartments above my building. I tell them all that there are two very large loft apartments. Of course their next question is what I will be doing with them when they have been restored. The most fortunate thing about those apartments is that the gorgeous oak woodwork th … continue reading

Secret Garden

This morning I listed an acreage that is one of the rare ones. It’s within the limits of Mason City, there are 4.45 acres, hard surface street in front, and an unbelievable private setting. I arrived there before the seller so I had an opportunity to really get a “feel” for the place. I could see either a major re-construction of the existing … continue reading

Spotlight on Mitchell

I spent over three hours in Mitchell today listing an in town acreage which I’m confident will sell because it is on a hard surface road and sits on an acre of land that backs up to the countryside. The home was built in 1872 but has a completely updated interior. What would make this home appealing to nearly everyone is that there is a bedroom, … continue reading