Without Fork or Spoon

I’d say this week went flying by with there being only four real work days for most, and when looking back at it, I’d say there were five days squeezed into four, and yes, we’ve been blessed with very pleasant days in spite of not having enough moisture in the soil for this time of year.

Isn’t it crazy when remembering how much snow we had last winter, and then the over-abundance of rain, and here we are in the first week of September and not enough moisture in our soil.  Like many have said, we’re going to be finding some noticeable changes in our weather these coming years.

With having about two hours of free time this morning, I decided to get some refuse loaded and taken to the landfill.  It wasn’t as busy out there as I’d expected, and the few times I’ve been there, the smell is always enough to make a person gag.  Today it smelled very much like septic tank sludge.  There were hundreds of sea gulls and a group of crows hanging about, and for sure they were pecking thru the broken sacks of garbage that were piled high.

The stark reality of consumerism, is seeing how tall those hills of buried garbage have grown, and it looks like they’re beginning to create another.  I drove away thinking how much more we Americans must do to recycle.   I’ve personally been working hard at making my footprint lighter just so I can say I’m making a difference in my own little way.

I got into a bit of a heated debate with someone again today regarding my standards of quality.  Since I was still stinging from my confrontation with that so-called brick paver installer outside my office several weeks ago, I really wasn’t in the mood for someone telling me I’m far to picky in regards to upkeep and maintenance in our workplaces and homes.

After being called “obsessive”, I pretty much ended the conversation because if having long established standards that’ve worked for years, I’d say society is growing all the more “give a shite” about their living conditions.   As far as I’m concerned, people can live any way they want, but when they start insisting that others live they way they do, then it’s time to cut them off and walk away.  What I take a great offense by, is when they expect me to lower my standards to theirs just so they can all the more justify their own failures.

You can be sure it’s been building for years because I remember someone telling me once that a person she worked with at an institution, would walk back to the kitchen and help himself without fork or spoon in hand, to whatever was in the serving trays.  I said to her, “Didn’t you get after him for doing it?”  Out of fear of retaliation, she’d always turn her head.  And to think that guy is now in his sixties and likely still grabbing food with his fingers.  You can bet I would’ve put a stop to that childishness shortly after it started.  Yes, people will take us all as far we let them, but we must never forget that as we’re allowing it, our own standards are quietly being lowered.  Make sense?

I met with a seller late this afternoon to do a preliminary walk-thru on a home she’s planning on listing.  I’d expected to find a few things that needed to be done prior to listing, but to my surprise, it was spotlessly clean and maintenance free.  I couldn’t believe how much work they’ve done on it since it was listed.  I would’ve listed it this afternoon, but before I do, I have to do some price comparing with homes that’ve recently sold.

There’s little doubt it’ll sell because of it having two nice-sized bedrooms, beautiful woodwork, updated kitchen and bath, and a main floor laundry.  There’s even a 3/4 bath in the basement.  The real bonus is it having an attached single garage.  What a great starter home for a single person or couple.  Knowing what price range it’s going to be in, the payment on it is going to be far less than what it would rent for, and that’s a fact.  I’ll be tickled pink knowing it’ll likely not become another “page” in the portfolio of our local rental barons.

I hope all of you are making time these days to ready your homes for the coming winter months.  It’s certainly not too early to begin cleaning up flower beds, edging sidewalks, and trimming trees.  It’s also a good time to get exterior and interior painting done with these not so hot and humid days.  Of course there’s always windows to be washed, so I’d say it’s better to do it now before having to be bundled up while standing on a ladder.  Yes, the days are growing shorter as Mother Nature is quietly ushering in our third season.

Tonight’s one-liner is:  Some people think that doctors and nurses can put scrambled eggs back into their shells.

Joe Chodur

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