A Pour-Over

Today’s heavy rains came rather unexpectedly along with the amount received.  I guess we should consider ourselves lucky after hearing how much the Twin Cities received as well as today’s news that Austin got majorly dumped on.  It’s been a number of years since I’ve seen such downpours in the month of September.  I’ll believe it when I see it if this coming week’s prediction of our days being in the 80’s come to pass.  Now that’s hot for September.  If it gets in the upper 80’s, there’ll be some schools without air conditioning letting their students out.  I can remember one late August and first part of September when in high school, it being terribly hot in those classrooms.

My sale this past weekend did finally come together after getting some sign-offs back from another agent.  The situation we had, was another agent having one of my listings under contract with a “subject-to sale” condition on it.  Unfortunately for those buyers, I managed to sell it myself to a charming young couple who didn’t have anything to sell and also having their pre-approvals from a bank.  What I had to wait for, was serving those first buyers notice that they had 48 hours to remove their “subject-to sale”, or their purchase agreement would be rendered null and void.  Early this morning I received the sign-offs from their agent, so we’re now moving forward with a real sale.  Yeah!

I mentioned to several people that today, was an early arrival of Friday the 13th because of all the quirky things  happening.  Beginning at the first hour, I had a barrage of emails and phone calls that had to be attended to, and more documents to get created and delivered.  My second big problem was attempting to get a document signed at the last hour by someone who was being spitefully difficult, and like they say, “There’s more than one way to skin a cat.”, because as fortune would have it,  one of the lawyers was able to bypass that naughty monkey and get what was needed in another fashion.

Later today, I mentioned to the buyer that in all these years, this was the first time we were not able to get that type of document signed by a party involved, which was one more confirmation for me that our society in general is changing, and unfortunately in a dark manner.  It seems everyone wants to find some way to extort something from another just so to have one more “hook” to gloat over.  Unfortunately for them, I’m fully aware of how karma works, and when it kicks back, they’re the first to squeal like little piggies and crying about how such things were not meant to happen to them.

Without mentioning names, I can say I’ve personally had without due cause, some pretty dirty things done to me, and for sure there’ll be days of comeuppance where the playing fields will once again be leveled.  I don’t wish anything bad on any human being because it’s not my call or right.  For years I’ve sent it all out in to the universe where Divine Intervention or karma would take care of it all in due time.  After working out in the public for so very many years, I’ve seen it take place within families, companies, and public institutions, and sometimes it really isn’t the prettiest.

Eons ago there was a cavalier young officer at the bank where I worked who considered himself the person having the power to hire and fire at will, and you can be sure he fully enjoyed wielding his “axe” and making people cry.  After seeing how he gloated over firing good workers who didn’t deserve being “pink slipped”, I took him aside one day and whispered, “Just remember Mr. Bob, more sooner than later, the axeman ends up getting the axe.”  Wouldn’t you know it, not six months later he was quietly ushered out the doors of that bank and nevermore to be seen.  So you see, there’s rarely anyone who’s completely above reproach, and if they’ve risen in their ranks on the backs of others, they’re the ones who’ll usually fall the hardest.

Not to my surprise, I received a bill from a contractor today showing a bloated number of hours worked and materials used.  It was likely due to that contractor thinking I wouldn’t notice it, and yes, I’ll pay the bill but you can be sure I will never use or refer anyone to that company again.  He may have won now, but he’ll certainly feel the pinch later.  I’ve always been understanding of those in need, but never of all the many in states of greed.

Later this afternoon I spoke to a colleague about that company by saying, “He must be yet another one who thinks I didn’t have to work from the time I came down my chute because everything I have is due to a pour-over from old family money or possibly even royalty.”  How skewed can peoples perceptions be?

The buyer who’s closing on one of my sales tomorrow, met me at his soon to be new home late this afternoon for his final walk-thru.  I held my breath when going down to the basement when knowing we received likely two inches of rain today.  Well, the sellers were right, they have a dry basement.  Everything else looked good to him, so off we went before another downpour started.  As I was driving away and looking back at the home, I still couldn’t believe I had the opportunity to sell a home I’ve admired for years.  I can’t explain what it is about it that has me so smitten, but for sure I’ll continue to consider it the most eye-catching.  That prince of a buyer is more than deserving of it, and you can be sure I’ll be wishing him a very many good years ahead in his new abode.

Tonight’s one-liner is:  The important thing, is to never allow the “perhaps” of future to scare you.

Joe Chodur

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