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It was a typical Monday morning with phone calls to return, and correspondence to get out both via email and the post, and in spite of the interruptions, I was able to get more accomplished than I’d expected.

I had another cancellation today, but it did get re-scheduled for first thing tomorrow morning.  That cancellation did give me time to go over all the closing docs with a seller who’s closing on the sale of her home the end of this week.  What surprised me, was finding she had already gone over my previous estimated costs with another who’s completely out of the loop of real estate sales.  I wonder what the general public would think if they knew a public employee was stepping outside her field of expertise and wasting time advising the general public on matters that shouldn’t concern her.  I think if I were that person, I’d be focusing more on my own work along with improving on my publicly-supported field of expertise.  There are always those in our midst who like to set themselves up as heroes.

Shortly after the noon hour, I had my first showing on 403 N. Monroe which went as well as I’d expected.  Now that’s a home any Realtor would enjoy showing because of its condition.  We were there a little longer than normal because the prospective buyer wanted to get a good look at everything.  Like I’ve said, any way you look at it, that home is a good long-term investment, and due to the fact it’s had so much work done, any improvements the new buyer would want to make, would be those fun things that come with making a home one’s own.

Fortunately, we did manage to get that offer put together I was working on over the weekend, so now all we have to wait for is several notices to be signed, and we’ll be well on our way to getting it financed and closed.  There’s no question in my mind those buyers will be a good fit for that home because of its location and amenities being offered. They’re the same buyers I’d like to have cloned and sprinkled around North Iowa.

Later today I heard a story regarding a recent happening which nearly gave me a jaw-drop.  I couldn’t believe hearing that a so-called “professional” had breeched privacy standards by sharing confidential information with a person in the general public.  I assured the person telling me about it, that if I were the injured party, I’d be taking my complaint to the top of the ladder and not settle for just a proverbial hand-slap.  Wow!

It’s funny I happened to get that call today because just yesterday, I noticed walking down a sidewalk, a now aging so-called profession who at one time a very many years ago, told another some things about my financials which caused me to stop doing business with him, but now that I’m older and more up to speed on how dangerous it is to have others privy to business that’s not theirs, I would’ve been far more harsh with him.

We all know how gossip works, and if you don’t, tell a juicy tale at the far end of a crowd, and by the time it reaches the other side, it’s completely distorted, and usually in a bad way.  Gossip mongers are with us just so to lift themselves up out of their own puddles via the tearing of others down.

I shared some of my frustrations regarding my standards with a colleague today when saying, “Why is it that I’m growing all the more annoyed when people don’t do what they say they’re going to do, and then when I get after them, they turn on my and accuse me of being high and almighty.”  His answer was, “You really should be a more lenient with people like that.”  Of course I understood his thinking, but I also had to add, “Yes, I get the leniency bit, but for them to also blame me for having relatively normal standards, is beyond my comprehension.”  We both agreed that we do live in the age of entitlement and victimization.  Just this past month, I’ve really been getting myself up to speed with this victim mentality that’s spreading across our Country.  As far as I’m concerned, real victims make up perhaps 5% of those calling themselves one, and the other 95% are self-induced.

Every time someone pulls out that “victim” card, I see the faces of two people I’ve known for many years who’ve fine-tuned their current states to the point they appear to others as having truly been victimized.  Not so, because they’ve been able to dupe many people over the years, but some day, it’ll all come home to roost.  As I’ve said before, choice makes up 95% of our lives, and real fate being a mere 5%.  You can only imagine how many in today’s society have those number turned around.  It ain’t pretty.

Tonight’s one-liner is:  To be offended is a choice we make; it is not a condition inflicted or imposed on us by someone or something else.

Joe Chodur

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