In Restraints

Oh how I wish the remaining days of this year were like the one that just occurred.  There’s no doubt the hurricane out East had an effect on our weather patterns here in North Iowa.  It was unfortunate I wasn’t able to be out in it as much as I would’ve liked, but that’s what happens when office work calls.  At least I did manage to get all of my accounting wrapped up for another month so I can breathe all the easier until another 1st rolls around.

I’m still on a burn to get several closings fully synchronized so we can have a soft landing on Friday, and again on Monday.  A fly in the ointment appeared after being alerted that a lender wants several fixes on one of the properties done before he’ll sign off, but of course he’s the one that was over two weeks late getting in for his inspection. Ugh! I’m going to remain hopeful the sellers will have those annoying little requirements done tomorrow so we can git-er-done.  The buyer of that home has been a real peach with his diligence and patience thru this whole process of being a first time buyer.  He’s another one I’d love to clone and spread around North Iowa.

I had a bit of an annoyance early this afternoon when having waited at a vacant property for the owners to show up so I could take a look at it since they were the ones that called me and scheduled the day and time.  The only number they gave me was their home number, and of course no answer when I called.  I waited about 20 minutes and then left.  Wouldn’t you know it, they called about two hours later asking to speak to a Realtor because they had a home they wanted to sell.  I asked the address and he gave me the very one I was at earlier.  Of course I mentioned I was the one he talked to yesterday and waited nearly a half hour.  Their reason for the no show was, “We were tied up at the doctor’s office.”  I could have been wicked when responding, “Were you that much out of control they had to put the both of you in restraints?”  Yes, even I have wicked thoughts once in a while.  Oh well, I have another appointment with them later this week, and by the looks of the outside of that home, it’s going to be needing some lipstick.

The back alley of my office is starting to look like a war zone with all the digging those contractors are doing.  I spoke to the boss and he said they had to get the roadbed readied for pouring 7″ of concrete in those sections where Alliant Energy buried their power lines.  He got a bit of a surprise when I started giving him the raspberries for creating those 7ft tall mounds of gravel on my lot without asking.  It’s funny how people think they have the license to do whatever they want, but after today, I believe he’ll think twice before he does that to someone else because he started turning a little pale when I said, “You know I could place a call to your customer Alliant Energy and have these piles removed immediately.”  Of course I didn’t, but at least he got the point.  Like I’ve said many times, people will take you as far you let them.

I had to stop at the office of another professional, and while in conversation, I brought up my determination to wear a bow tie every Friday.  He was totally in agreement which didn’t surprise me because he’s always smartly dressed.  He said something that I’ve heard from the mouth of some of my old family members which was, “If you can’t look your best, how can you feel your best?”  I shared several stories regarding the dress code my mother had for many years where no matter what she was doing indoors or out, if she had to go to town for something, she’d always take the time to make herself presentable.

It’s unfortunate our society as a whole considers anything goes when out in public which I’m totally against.  For example, I had to stop at the grocery store late this afternoon to pick up a few things, and when I walked up to the check-out, there stood a man likely in his late 60’s or early 70’s wearing an over-sized T-shirt and drop-crotch safari shorts.  I had all I could do to not look at him because of how silly he looked.  When looking at him from behind as he walked out, his appearance was that of a little boy with his pants full.  But the punchline of this story, was seeing him climb up into a very expensive nearly new Ford F150 with all the trimmings.  Really?  And to think he had to be walking around in that grocery store looking like he didn’t have enough money to buy a belt to keep those safari’s up around his waist. Really?

I’m putting out an all points bulletin to remind everyone that 415 – 1st St. SE, 1 Briarstone Court, and 422 S. Tennessee Place is still ready and waiting for their buyers.  Yes, my office inventory is getting sold off, but these three have somehow been over-looked and I’m wanting them back on the radar.  Sometimes the best buy is the one that for some reason, has been over-looked for the silliest of reasons.  I guess I’ll have to go back out and take new photos of them from different angles, because many of today’s buyers become too myopic when scrolling thru photos of properties for sale.  I’ll never forget overhearing someone say, “I’d never buy that house because of how purple its bathroom is painted.”  Thank goodness I wasn’t working with that person because I would’ve said, “If you buy that house, I’ll have it painted whatever color pleases you.”  Yes, and we can thank HDTV for creating such mentalities.

Tonight’s one-liner is:  Life is partly what we make it, and partly what is made by the friends we choose.

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