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My biggest concern this morning was getting to my office early and practicing the music I was given to play for St. Paul Lutheran’s Service which was at 10:30, and not having had the time to practice one particular hymn that wasn’t the easiest, I worked on it as best I could for about an hour and then pretty much said to myself, “This is as good as it’s going to get.”

Most don’t realize that if you practice too hard on a piece of music, it has a counter-productive effect, and you can be sure I knew that, yet continued to take my chances on having it at least weakly acceptable to their congregation.  Since I’ve never considered myself a keyboard virtuoso, I sometimes have to do a switching around of music just so all the pieces have similar levels of quality.

I made sure to get over to their church about 45 minutes early just so I could run thru those pieces on the organ without bothering any early-comers.  There was one delightful lady that arrived who made sure to holler up at me a “good morning”.  Since I’ve visited with her before, we did have a nice chat about how much their church is definitely under the radar with most of our residents.  I did mention to her how much I enjoy being there because I’ve always had a good feeling for the people and their church’s structure.  I later said to the pastor that since I’m so very “jaded” when it comes to religious gatherings, getting an honest compliment from me regarding their house of worship including their brethren, is not to be taken lightly.  He did get a good laugh out of my remark.

For their prelude, I played Handel’s “Largo” several times which I finally got comfortable with enough to offer it up to them on their vintage pipe organ.  It wasn’t perfect but I’d say it sounded good enough to pass any critical ears seated below.  Without a doubt, that piece sounds more rich and flowing when played on the organ than on a piano because that’s what I’ve been practicing it on.   I purposely played it today as a bit of counter-balance of the “weak” version of the recessional I so desperately tried to get comfortable with this morning.

After the Service was over, I had a nice chat with Pastor Matt who I know does his very best at giving soulful sermons each Sunday. We also visited a bit about how our traditional church services are coming under fire from the new-agers that are sprouting up all over our Country.  Sometimes I think it’s a fad that’ll pass, while others I consider them a growing force that’ll be with us for many years.

Perhaps I’m prejudice because of the many years of being immersed in tradition, yet I still can’t get a warm and fuzzy feeling with all the extra dramatics and visuals we’re finding in those non-traditional Services.  Just this past week I mentioned how much more I’m leaning towards contemplative religious settings where there’s additional reverence and quiet time for personal reflection.

The rest of my day was spent with my real estate hat on where I had to meet a buyer at a home so he could do some measuring for materials he’ll be needing when he starts doing his remodeling after it closes.  I’m so very glad he purchased it instead of someone buying it at turning it into a rental.

Another appointment I had, was an out of town showing of a home to a couple I’ve been working with.  They had their parents along, so we spent a good amount of time looking at all the positives and negatives.  The chilly weather and gray skies didn’t help with the over-all presentation, but oh well, I gave it my best, and that’s all that mattered.

I’m still working on the negotiations of that offer I wrote yesterday, and perhaps tomorrow we’ll have the deal done if both parties can finally come together on price.  I’ve always believed home values never to be an exact science because most seasoned Realtors have learned, a home is worth what an arm’s length buyer is willing to pay, and what an arm’s length seller is willing to accept.  That’s it.

Having found myself driving down North Monroe this morning, I couldn’t help but notice my new listing at 403 N. Monroe which looked as pretty as a picture, which is now prompting me to put in another plug on it.  An average renter who’s likely paying hundreds of dollars more in rent on his or her two bedroom apartment or home, would be crazy not to purchase that darling.  I’m hoping it’ll be under contract before the weekend.  Let’s get that home sold to someone deserving!

Tonight’s one-liner is:  Hell is yourself, and the only redemption is when a person puts himself aside to feel deeply for another person.

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