Monthly Archives: November 2016

The Age of 5G

We can say “sayonara” to November, and “Hello” to December when starting our day tomorrow.  It was spitting snow early this morning, and while I was driving in the dark to the office, the headlights of my car caused the snow to appear as an undulating wave of white specks.  I was trying to look past them because they were beginning to hav … continue reading

Mindset of Hoarders

Yikes!  This morning’s temperature was a huge swing back to the cold when finding the wind had changed its direction.  The biting north wind can certainly put a chill in the bones of even the most warm-blooded of creatures.  Those steely gray clouds in the west were worrying me a bit in fear they’d be dumping snow or sleet on us.  I know I … continue reading

Curtain Rising on 50 Winnebago Court

It was amazing to find the temperature outside this morning up over 50 degrees.  The southerly wind we had blowing all night last night must’ve brought a great deal of warm air to North Iowa.  I told a customer this afternoon that I hope it stays this way until New Year’s, and then starts warming up.  We certainly didn’t have the really co … continue reading

The Future Smart Home

Hopefully I got enough of a workout this morning to be enough in shape for the future shoveling and throwing of snow.  It’s funny how muscles become weakened so quickly when not being used on nearly a daily basis.  I can see how the elderly who’re cooped up in their homes grow exceptionally weak from not getting even the most minimal of exerc … continue reading

Since Bubble Gum

The buyers were certainly out in full force at my public open house today.  There were people coming and going nearly the entire time I was there.  Everyone that walked thru thought it was much bigger than it looked from the street.  Because the kitchen is much larger, and at the rear of the home, it does give one that impression.Not long ago … continue reading

Black Friday Mania

Perhaps now that the temperatures have been hovering around the low 30’s these past days, we’ll all have ourselves acclimated to the cold.  I’m finally growing accustomed to it to where I’m not in a continued state of chill whenever outdoors.  I actually caught myself standing outside chatting with a client longer than normal to where my … continue reading

Happy Thanksgiving 2016

In regards to celebrating Thanksgiving in a traditional manner, I decided well over a week ago that it would be one of those “fly over” holidays for me this year.  Instead, I made plans to do a condensed day of playing catch-up on much over due chores.  So, in the time frame of about eight hours, I first headed to the basement of my office an … continue reading

Home for The Holidays

For it being the day before Thanksgiving, I wasn’t surprised to find myself quite busy with real estate.  The highlight of my day was getting a new listing which is located at 116 N. Seminary in Nora Springs.  It has been owned by the same family since 1976 and has had some recent updates that should attract buyers in today’s market. There a … continue reading

Pull You Out

Uff da!  What a change in weather we’re having.  Not only is the wind back, but now the rain.  I re-discovered being extra careful walking when it started spitting sleet later this morning.  Of course the maniacal drivers had to be out driving while thinking it’s the middle of Summer with blue skies and dry pavements.  It’ll never make s … continue reading

Second Looks

Yet again, another fine home listed by Holtz Realty closed with a “soft landing” today.  If only there were about three or four more of them just like it, I would’ve certainly had them sold as well.  It’s unfortunate the buyers couldn’t have closed earlier because its dining room offers a perfect setting for holiday gatherings.With mo … continue reading