Since Bubble Gum

Since Bubble GumThe buyers were certainly out in full force at my public open house today.  There were people coming and going nearly the entire time I was there.  Everyone that walked thru thought it was much bigger than it looked from the street.  Because the kitchen is much larger, and at the rear of the home, it does give one that impression.

Not long ago I was speaking about how people should start looking for gifts that are either locally created or sold by a locally owned business.  I was visited this afternoon by a kind and thoughtful man with three items he was carrying that he personally created  for me as a Holiday gift.  I was surprised and delighted to get them and as we spoke, he mentioned the extra effort he made in creating them.  Just by looking at them, I could see the detail of his craftsmanship. I couldn’t have thanked him enough and encouraged him to keep up the good work.  When now thinking about it, the most memorable gifts given to me over the years have been things that have been singularly created.  Every time people tell me that want something just like someone else has, it makes me wonder just how many there are that feign from the unique while preferring to be copycats.  I’ve always considered such thinking to be the “hive” mentality.  Creativity is the window to universal possibilities.

As the day wore on, I was all the more happy to be traveling out of town to show a home in one of the area villages.  With the sun so low in the sky, the shadows created over the country landscapes was breathtaking.  I almost wanted to just keep on driving until the sun finally disappeared in the west.  Seeing the temperature up over 45 degrees certainly  was welcoming.  Now that we’re getting more used to the cold, these days feel all the warmer. Let’s keep hoping for more of them.  This has been one of the most pleasant Novembers in a number of years, and I’m enjoying each day as it passes.

While talking to the extended family of one of my customers today, one of them brought up the subject of Walmart.  I couldn’t help but relay a story I was told by a tenant some years ago which he insisted was the truth.  So if I’m lying, he lied to me.  I said, “Well, I know you may think this is crazy, but a tenant once told me that when he and his buddies would get all liquored up and feeling a little frisky, they’d head out to Walmart in the early hours and wander the aisles in search of females feeling likewise.”  Of course the jaws were dropping and laughter was starting.  I continued on, “You can imagine the look of disbelief I had when he was telling me about it!”  I then said, “It’s becoming quite the world now where we find loose-loined and liquored up young people traveling to Walmart in search of someone to throw a leg over.” They sure got their laughs out of that story, as well as adding few of their own.

One of my clients called me while on my way back to the City, and in speaking of someone who thinks he’s far better a contractor than he really is, he said, “Too many people think he’s the best thing created since bubble gum.”  I got my laugh along with a few more giggles hearing that one.  Laughter really can be the best medicine.

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