Monthly Archives: October 2015

Happy Halloween 2015

Finding this morning's weather cold and wet, I was hoping the trick or treaters wouldn't have to endure such miserable weather later today. With a stroke of luck the wind went down some and the sun started coming out. As I was driving around this early evening, I noticed all the cute little children dressed up as scary little beasts. I noticed some … continue reading

Wasting Resources

Another “soft landing” took place at a closing today with one of my listings. I looked back on that particular listing and sale and considered the little bumps in the road which were worked out without anyone getting their feathers ruffled. Having not ever worked with that particular seller before, I quickly brought myself up to speed with the … continue reading

Without Fiber Optic

It appears there's going to be a new owner of one of my listings very soon. It never seems to surprise me when finding after listing a home and expecting it to be on the market its normal time frame, to have multiple offers on it in a week's time. It just goes to show one can't forecast or judge what given buyers are going to do at any given time. … continue reading

Of the Garrulous Nature

The most important thing for the residents of North Iowa to remember these days, is to make sure they're ready for a quick change of seasons now that we're approaching the 1st of November. Certainly everyone has a month or two of the year which they generally dis-like. Mine is the month of November. I can't remember ever liking it and if someone as … continue reading

High Road of our Future

We're still getting a number of inquiries on our listings in spite of the temperatures dropping. I wouldn't be surprised if our market stays active up and into the Holidays. If I'm not mistaken, the full moon is supposed to take place tonight. With the wind and drizzly cold rain, should the moon break thru once in a while, it'll likely have the loo … continue reading

The Right Fit

Some of the most inconsiderate people I've found over these many years are those who willing and freely make appointments and don't show up for them. It doesn't happen so often with people who are looking to purchase, but the ones who are looking to rent are the absolute worst. Twice today I was stood up by two different people who wanted to see se … continue reading

It’s All about Water

There was a bit of a light frost downtown when I arrived early this morning. Yes, the cold finds its lowest points first, and as I've mentioned, most of Mason City lies at the bottom of a bowl. I'm sure everyone wonders why so many cities across the United States are located on bodies of water. Inland we find large cities located on larger and smal … continue reading

Save the Date

Certainly everyone is happy to see the rain and gray skies clear off. I had a great drive up in the Forest City area to a property I was scheduled to show this morning. It's absolutely amazing how the landscapes of North Iowa can change so quickly. The hills up around Pilot Knob State Park are covered with the multi-colored shades from the turning … continue reading

Next Home

In reading the news this morning, I was once again reminded of how deadly our weather can be around the world.  Trying to imagine what it would be like in Mexico and living through a 200 mph wind force with rain from a hurricane that's supposed to make landfall very soon.  I'm afraid one of the by-products of global warming is the severity of the … continue reading

Masterpieces of Nature

Stepping aside and leaving people to follow their own paths is sometimes the best thing to do rather than entering into debates which certainly end with someone getting their feelings hurt.  I had a nice chat today with several people who work with the public a great deal on a regular basis. While on the subject of a business person who's scratchi … continue reading