Masterpieces of Nature

Masterpieces of NatureStepping aside and leaving people to follow their own paths is sometimes the best thing to do rather than entering into debates which certainly end with someone getting their feelings hurt.  I had a nice chat today with several people who work with the public a great deal on a regular basis. While on the subject of a business person who’s scratching out a meager living with his particular style of marketing, I mentioned how at one point in time I had given some soulful advice to him about changes I would make if I were he so to grow his business to its full potential.  I knew at the time I would never speak to him again about it because I could tell he wasn’t so very receptive in any sort of positive way, and the feeling that he was starting to become a bit annoyed by my even mentioning something to him.  My baptism in fire with saying too much happened long ago, and after finally “getting it”, I now tell people what my takes are on subjects of which I at least have some experiences, I tell in a soulful, yet straight to the point fashion and then, just leave it.  Once someone has listened to your advice, there’s no reason to even consider going back unless that person who’s heard you returns asking for more advice.  Some people just have to do things their own way irregardless of any and all advice coming from the “outside”.  It makes one a bit sad seeing people not creating growing businesses simply because they’re far too closed-minded to raise their sights.

The diamond in the rough ranch home I listed several days ago which is located at 16103 – 245th St. here in Mason City is certainly getting activity.  I’m confident there’ll be someone who’s knowledgeable as well as handy enough to turn that home into a rock solid investment.  I discovered today there’s possibly thick oak plank flooring covering most of the home.  That feature in and of itself would raise the future value of this home even more so if the carpets were removed and the floors re-finished.  Almost everyone is impressed with hardwoods.  I drove past a home today where a gentleman was building a deck on the front of a home.  From what I could see it didn’t look like it was going to be something one would write home about.  I’ve told many that my pet peeve is seeing people building decks over the tops of concrete entry pads.  Yes, the concrete was likely getting bad, but why don’t people have their step re-poured rather than creating the cheap “cabin” look at their front entries?  Wooden decks and steps are far more dangerous walking on whenever there’s rain, ice, or snow due to their being very slippery when wet and icy.  Most don’t realize until they’ve had them built that the decking often starts warping and screws working their way out.  They quickly transform themselves from new decks to rickety looking docks you’d likely see on a lake shore.

While at a clients home to get some signatures yesterday, I happened to notice an absolutely gorgeous Sugar Maple tree setting its fall colors.  The owner said he planted it years ago after the Dutch Elm trees all died in our city from the Dutch Elm Disease.  He went on to say someone back then from the City told him he shouldn’t have planted it because he didn’t receive permission.  I said, “Evidently that person didn’t realize it was a native Sugar Maple.”  I stood there for a few quiet moments and absorbed its beauty.

I hope everyone is getting out more these days and enjoying our masterpieces of Nature.


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