Of the Garrulous Nature

Of the Garrulous NatureThe most important thing for the residents of North Iowa to remember these days, is to make sure they’re ready for a quick change of seasons now that we’re approaching the 1st of November. Certainly everyone has a month or two of the year which they generally dis-like. Mine is the month of November. I can’t remember ever liking it and if someone asked me to give them specifics, I would likely give some nebulous reason that was sure be changed if asked again the following day. As I’ve mentioned before, please make sure you have an ice scraper in your car, a flashlight that is working, and a blanket for extra precautions. It never seems to fail when being in precarious situations and not having a few of necessities. I always carry a screwdriver and pliers in my glove box just in case I’m out somewhere and find myself in need of a few basic tools. It’s also good to make sure our cars are serviced before the freezing temps arrive. Nobody likes to find themselves stalled somewhere in the middle of winter. As a footnote, please be sure your auto technician checks the strength of your vehicle’s battery. Very cold engines drain a weak battery to the point of being dead before the motor starts.  This morning I had to place a call to several people reminding them to have their yards cleaned up more sooner than later now that nearly all the leaves have fallen. It’s not good for a lawn as well as sidewalks to be covered with leaves when the snow arrives.

Dead leaves on a lawn is not good for next year’s grass, and dead leaves on a sidewalk makes extra work when shoveling and snow blowing. I’m still hoping we can create some sort of monthly contest for residents living in our city’s blocks where they’d compete against each other for being the best and most improved block in the City for a given month or possibly quarter. We’d have to create an unbiased group of judges who’d travel through those blocks who’ve signed up to compete and judge them accordingly.  There would be before and after photos for the general public to view. One trophy would be passed around each time a different block wins. In thinking about this, I’d say it would help to kick start our residents into being more aware of their neighborhood’s appearance. I wouldn’t be surprised if this idea really did create a desire for the general public to improve our City’s blocks should it be presented in a positive manner.

Oh Mercy! This past week I’ve been dealing with someone who’s one of those people who simply can’t stop talking. I’m not going to say if it’s a she or a he because I’ve crossed paths with both. Trying to get a straight answer out of these jabber boxes is like trying to catch a greased pig. Today I sent a text to this person asking for one simple question to be answered because I didn’t want to place another phone call and be trapped on the line while listening to more beatings around a bush. I was very specific in my text which was, “All I ask of you is to answer the simple question I’ve asked before and all I want is a yes or no answer.” I’ve yet to receive a response. I hope this person isn’t composing a very long text which is likely overloading our cell phone towers. There are times when I’ve wanted to run in the opposite direction from people who are of the garrulous nature. It causes me to remember my poor mother enduring daily phone calls from one of her customers and my saying to her, “How can you stand listening to her non-stop jabbering?”

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