Happy Halloween 2015

Happy Halloween 2015Finding this morning’s weather cold and wet, I was hoping the trick or treaters wouldn’t have to endure such miserable weather later today. With a stroke of luck the wind went down some and the sun started coming out. As I was driving around this early evening, I noticed all the cute little children dressed up as scary little beasts. I noticed some of the parents were dressed accordingly. Quite a few of the workers Downtown were dressed for Halloween as well. At a drive-thru, I happened upon a young cashier who was wearing something quite interesting that I hadn’t seen before. It was some kind of outfit that must have been created to represent Humpty Dumpty because it was keeping itself inflated. There must have been some kind of air machine he had strapped on to keep the outfit full. I said to him, “Wow! You look like you’ve lost a few pounds since I saw you last.” That one sure got a laugh out of him. Next time I see him dressed normally I’ll have to say, “You’re getting fat! You gotta stop eating at work.”

I had a pretty good turnout at my public open house at 1209 West State Street today. Now that the price has been reduced below $80,000.00 it should certainly bring some buyers out of the woodwork. It makes me a bit sad knowing that there are other homes of inferior quality that have sold for far more. I guess it’s getting more all about HDTV staging when underneath we sometimes find rickety bones. One of the people that came was surprised that it hadn’t sold yet since it was so affordably priced.
I told him that the payment on it would be far less than what it would bring for rent.

He went on to say that more young buyers want what their parents worked 20 years to get. Yes, the parents are equally to blame for not teaching their children that they must start out in something more modest so they can build equity and later move on to bigger and better homes. Just recently a parent nixed a sale of a home his daughter wanted to buy simply because he thought it wasn’t good enough for her. I’m quite familiar with that home and that’s all it needs is a good cleaning and painting. All the other updates are there. I’ll have to watch and see what she ends up purchasing. It’ll likely be $15,000 – $20,000 more and be all tricked out with decorating. This is the reason why there are so many people equity-less in their current homes. They purchased at the top of their homes’ intrinsic values and are now stuck in them in hopes the market values will grow. It’s all in the curve of learning from mistakes.

I’ve been noticing of late that my Saturdays are more full than normal work days. I’m glad to be kept busy but sometimes I have to move a few of those appointments over to Sunday. I’m always exceptionally happy to work with the first time buyers because they’re filled with enthusiasm. I am a bit more of a mother hen with them so to make sure they don’t purchase a lemon. Every time I hear of some young person or couple buying something they paid way too much for, I’m saddened in knowing they’ll be paying on it for a very long time before any equity is created.

I hope you all are enjoying the festivities tonight and I wish you a very Happy Halloween of 2015.

Joe Chodur

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