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Without Fiber OpticIt appears there’s going to be a new owner of one of my listings very soon. It never seems to surprise me when finding after listing a home and expecting it to be on the market its normal time frame, to have multiple offers on it in a week’s time. It just goes to show one can’t forecast or judge what given buyers are going to do at any given time.  Yes, I knew it was going to sell, but I didn’t expect multiple offers on it.

While I was at an office which I’m called to visit from time to time, I thought I’d be a little naughty and Halloweenish by telling the four women at the counter one of my all time scary encounters with an entity I considered at the time, a Poltergeist. Poltergeists are the entities or spirits that can be exceptionally nasty. I think by the time I finished telling my story, they were all a bit goose bumpy. But, I warned them before speaking that it was completely the truth and quite scary. I did forget to tell them that the property I was speaking of was in the same family for nearly 100 years. I can only imagine what went on in that house between family members to create such a strong and malevolent presence. For whatever reason, it certainly didn’t like the idea of me selling that property and was continuing to raise the bar on what it was going to do to me next. I just happened to read an article today on one of the internet publications of the National Association of Realtors. Seems there is a home in Omaha Nebraska that must have a similar entity in it. When the Realtor decided to market it as a haunted home and was creating more interest in it, the seller called and had it pulled of the market so he could rent it. It seemed the Poltergeist started becoming violent with the owners so they simply chose to move out. It’s too bad they didn’t say if the new tenants were experiencing any off-worldly happenings in that house. Later this afternoon I happened to drive by a home which I believe has a ghost wandering about, and likely the spirit of the deceased owner who decided to commit suicide. What really creeped me out was to find about a year later, the next door neighbor decided to commit suicide as well.  I wouldn’t be the least bit surprised if there’s now two entities wandering about between those two dwellings. I certainly have no desire to visit with the current owners of those two homes about any strange experiences they may be having for fear I’ll hear more than I’d like.

With the internet being used more and more by Realtors, I’m finding it all the more frustrating to find that Mason City as a whole is not connected to fiber optic. Yes, we all know that there were grants from the State of Iowa to build out fiber optic networks in the rural communities, but we as a City should feel a bit cheated in knowing there are small towns around us with lightening internet speeds and we are left with either regular cable lines or satellite dish networks.   I know Clear Lake has fiber optic and once asked why Mason City is not being supplied. The answer was, “It would be far too costly of a build-out without some assistance from the City or State.” I’m going to stay very hopeful there’ll be funding to help with a build-out because as Mason City begins to enter its Golden Age, there’ll be more people moving here who’ll be greatly disappointed to find we are without a fiber optic network. “Onward and upward.” must be our motto.

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