Monthly Archives: February 2016

Leap Year of 2016

One of my dear clients who’ll be moving out of State after their home sells to be near their family called to tell me they’re ready to re-list their home which I had on the market part of the year last year.  They decided to take it off since they were going to be gone for several of our winter months, but now they’ve returned and ready to g … continue reading

A Tendency to be Torpid

We are certain of one thing living on the flatlands of North Iowa, and that is having the wind nearly ever-present as well as the rapid change in temperatures due to the speed and direction the wind is coming from.  Instead being out of doors as I’d planned for today, I spent instead several hours performing domestic chores inside my office be … continue reading

Night Whisperings

There is absolutely no reason for anyone not to be rejoicing over today's weather.  I actually think it was at and possibly above 60 degrees.  I could certainly see the change in attitudes with the number of attendants this afternoon at my public open house at 37 Oak Drive.  I actually ran out of flyers!  I've always been careful to print enoug … continue reading

Overly Squeaking Wheels

This week certainly went flying by to where I’m still not convinced it’s Friday.  In looking back, I can say there was a great deal of work completed to where I now feel as though I’m caught up to the point where I’m not confronted with unfinished tasks when walking into my office in the morning.  Since the real estate market is growing s … continue reading

Teeth, Tongues, and Blacktop

With it only being Thursday, there’ve been two  sales along with two other offers which likely one will die and the other will live.  One of the offers that finally came together was 728 S. Monroe Court which I just listed last week.  An offer coming in so soon after listing often times gives sellers the mis-conception that their homes were pr … continue reading

Barracuda Bite

I’m certainly glad we’re not getting the snow that Chicago is getting right about now.   We can only hope any future snow will come late enough that it will all be melted off within a 24 hour period.  Yes, the late winter snows can be equally dangerous when driving, but at least they’re not long lasting.  Everyone says we’re sure to get … continue reading

The Three Threads

With another deep breath,  I walked away from a closing of one of my office listings to where there was created a soft landing.  I was a bit fearful there would be a last minute hiccup or two due to one of the sellers having to drive about two hours to get here for it.  When I walked into the closing and found all sellers safe and sound, I was e … continue reading

The Butter Dish

It looks like the real estate market here in Mason City is off and running this week, and by the amount of activity I’ve had today, I’d say it’s going to continue on through the week.  I’m just glad the temps are above freezing when having to be out showing properties. I must say it has been a bit on the muddy side.  I hope there aren’t … continue reading

Natural Emotions

Since the full moon is rapidly approaching, I once again found myself a little more than lacking of my normal night’s sleep.  This anomaly has plagued me nearly all my life with not being able to get my normal rest whenever the full moon is very near or at hand.  Last night’s lack of sleep was more exacerbated which caused me to feel a bit … continue reading

With Fond Memories

My public open house at 216 Meadow Lane was quite the success today with people coming and going the entire two hours.  Everyone was surprised by the size of the rooms as well as the fantastic views of Cheslea Creek's lagoon.  One couple asked if there'd ever been any flooding in the homes in that block and I told them not in that one, but on the … continue reading