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Since the full moon is rapidly approaching, I once again found myself a little more than lacking of my normal night’s sleep.  This anomaly has plagued me nearly all my life with not being able to get my normal rest whenever the full moon is very near or at hand.  Last night’s lack of sleep was more exacerbated which caused me to feel a bit zombie-like while working today.  I performed everything needed yet felt like an automaton while doing it.  At least I was able to get all my year-end accounting finished up and exceptionally glad of it.  One more yearly beating out of the way till next year.  Anyone who does accounting for a living must have a very colorful personal life because I find it to be the most boring, tedious, and time consuming endeavor ever created.  Oh well, we’re all on this earth to reach to the heights of our abilities, so if being an accountant is one’s height, I hope they’re getting their jollies out of it.

In being glad and thankful for the continuation of our snowmelt here in North Iowa, I happened to run into several people today who’ve never experienced real winters since they’re both from the South, and they’re not yet acclimated to life in “the tundra”.  I encouraged them to wait a bit longer and they’ll fully understand why many of us continue to live here.  I said, “You moved here late in the year, but wait until you’ve experienced the three other seasons that are absolutely beautiful.”  I hope I gave them enough of a boost to see them through the remainder of our winter.  I do hope they stay because I’m certain they’ll both be great assets in the re-growth of North Iowa.

While looking for a storage carton today, I discovered one that had books and publications in it which I’d completely forgotten about since having used that container along with others when moving my office from around the corner some six years ago.  To my chagrin, I discovered I was still in possession of books belonging to others which I should have returned long ago.  That will be yet another little job on my “to do” list for this coming week. I do try to read as much as possible, but my job of serving my clients and customers comes first and foremost.

I was being a bit of a naughty monkey yesterday when teasing someone who visited my open house whom I hadn’t seen for some time.  He said, “I’m just here to get a few decorating ideas.”  I said, “Yes of course. We talk about people like you in our circles, and possibly even write about.”  He cleverly came back with, “Yes, and I’m writing a fiction about a man with similar traits as yours.”  I guess there are others amongst us who can think on their feet.  We all have to get a good laugh once in a while which caused me to remember a young gentleman who called yesterday about a home.  Since I know him well enough, he said he’s been going through a few emotionally tough days of late.  I said, “Do you ever find things to laugh about?”  He said, “Yeah, but not for some months.”  I strongly encouraged him to find anything possible to give himself a good old-fashioned belly laugh.  I went on to say, “Just remember, it’s been tried and true for generations that laughter is oft times the best of medicines.”  I couldn’t believe it actually sunk in to where he said he was going to go out in the afternoon and find something that would make him laugh. Our world is getting far too serious and politically correct to where many are afraid to laugh for fear of being ostracized within their circles. Maybe that’s why we have so many people taking “happy pills” to help fill the voids they’ve suppressed in their natural emotions.

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