Teeth, Tongues, and Blacktop

Teeth, Tongues, and BlacktopWith it only being Thursday, there’ve been two  sales along with two other offers which likely one will die and the other will live.  One of the offers that finally came together was 728 S. Monroe Court which I just listed last week.  An offer coming in so soon after listing often times gives sellers the mis-conception that their homes were priced too low.  In actuality, it’s an indication that the asking price was within the ranges that spurred circling buyers’ interest.  Most don’t realize that many buyers have already done their comparison shopping with existing listings but hadn’t found anything to fit their needs.  Seasoned buyers are those who’ve come to the understanding of value because they’ve seen enough homes before a new listing arrives on the market which has finally met all their criteria—especially the price because they’ve already established it via numerous prior home viewings.  On the flip side, I do encourage sellers to carefully consider reasonable first offers and not dig their heels in believing that if there’s one buyer, there’ll be many others to follow.  Looking back, I’m glad it came together and everyone’s happy.

Having been in my car more than out today, I couldn’t help but notice again how some drivers must consider themselves invisible to the world around them.  I’m not sure if this is yet another evolved natural occurrence or if it’s a learned behavior, but I’ve been noticing many people of all ages of late, driving with their mouths open.  Some have their upper lips pursed up in a fashion as though they’re trying to close their nostrils and appear to have that “rabbit-like” look.  Every time I see someone driving or walking in public like that, I’m reminded of Bugs Bunny.  A facial expression as such could possibly be a carry over from driver’s education training to where they were working really hard at following their instructor’s directions.  There’s a woman who works Downtown that I sometimes see driving whom I went to school with so many years ago. She has her mouth hanging open as well.  I know it would be the most rude thing for me to do in saying to her, “When after our years of schooling did you pick up such a habit?”

Now come the tongues exposed when talking.  Oh my goodness!  I can’t imagine where some have corrupted their standards to where when in conversation, they’ll leave their jaws drooping down far enough to where their tongues are exposed while another is speaking.  Just recently I was having a long conversation with one who was continually doing just that, and after I walked away I said to myself, “There is absolutely no way he/she knew his/her jaw was hanging open with tongue exposed.”  As I said before, it’s not age specific, but more pan-generational and I hope it’s not another lingering fad.

Since I’ve been working of late with more people wanting to be out in the country, I can say without a doubt that if Cerro Gordo County would blacktop every gravel road within its borders, there would be a huge price increase with existing rural home sites as well a greater number of country homes being built.  In all the years I’ve sold real estate, I’m fully convinced the biggest draw-back of living in the country is—dusty gravel roads.  It would be a big initial investment, but the future returns would be greater than expected. By paving all of our County’s gravel roads, it would give all the more reason for many to own real estate in Cerro Gordo County rather than surrounding counties.  Yes, it’s been a wild ride of subjects today with my speaking of teeth, tongues, and blacktop, but doesn’t it really give you all something to think about?

Joe Chodur

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