Barracuda Bite

Barracuda Bite-1I’m certainly glad we’re not getting the snow that Chicago is getting right about now.   We can only hope any future snow will come late enough that it will all be melted off within a 24 hour period.  Yes, the late winter snows can be equally dangerous when driving, but at least they’re not long lasting.  Everyone says we’re sure to get a storm like nearly every year when the State basketball tournaments are being played.  Thinking about it, there were more storms than not during those many basketball finals.  With the quirky winter we’ve been having, I’ll not be surprised if there aren’t any this time around.  I do have a feeling we’re going to be experiencing some raging thunderstorms this coming Summer.  With all the super-storms taking place across the South, I won’t be surprised if they start moving farther north when the temperatures begin to rise.  Tornados and hail are the nasty by-products of violent storms.

It seemed today was one of those rare days when I cut to the chase with nearly everyone I spoke with regarding real estate as well as everything else in between.  Perhaps it was because I was taken to the next level far too early in the day by someone who wasn’t doing their job as was agreed upon months ago.  I give everyone about as much slack as any reasonable man would, but when I see willful neglect of duties taking place, I start unraveling.  After firmly getting my point across regarding the neglect I said, “This situation is not being fair to me as well as everyone else involved.”   Words are effective, but sometimes one has to raise the bar when delivering.  Due to the early opening of the floodgates of my temperament, I couldn’t seem to get them closed until hours later.   I even went so far as to resurrect two rather harsh sayings I’ve rarely used but found each of them appropriate in several conversations today.  After someone’s attempt to soft-peddle me into getting involved in their business transaction I said, “It seems every time I get involved with your crew, I feel like I’ve just got myself involved again in another pissing match with a skunk and sure to get sprayed.”  Ouch!

The second time, another person on the phone was assuring me all would be well with a transaction in which I’m involved.  I said, “I feel like I’ve just opened the lid on a very big snake pit and you’re asking me to crawl down, so if I have to, you’ll be sure I’ll have one of the biggest flame throwers strapped on my back, and then we’ll see who gets fried.” Ouch again!  Like I tell people, I really work hard at being a gentleman, but there are times when you just gotta speak another’s language so they understand.  I even went so far today in acknowledging something one of my customers wrote while attempting to get along with her siblings who can be more than difficult at times.  I said, “Most back away from me when saying this, but as far as I’m concerned, family members are the most dangerous animals in the world. If the wind should not blowing in their preferred directions, they’ll turn on you and tear you apart because they know all your vulnerabilities.”  Anyone who’s done enough historical reading about families over the centuries, will undoubtably agree.  I’m sure many don’t even want to think or talk about the last time they had to put a psychological bandage over a familial barracuda bite.

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