Monthly Archives: January 2015

It’s Squeaky Clean at 218

There are so few homes here in Mason City that are standing that were built in the 1870's and still remain strong, stately and enduring. The home I've chosen to write about tonight is one that I have listed that's located at 218 - 4th St. NE. The home was originally built by John Glass who was a prominent attorney at the time. I'm sure it was quite … continue reading

The Soul’s Code

After visiting several homes today where there are young and able-bodied people living and their sidewalks minimally at best shoveled, I've come to the conclusion that either people are getting really lazy or they're so pre-occupied with some sort of interior world within their homes that they pay little or no attention to what's going on outside t … continue reading

Open Your Mind

I was speaking with a customer today about weather patterns in the past and we both agreed that most often in years gone by, the period between December 15th and January 15th were the absolute worst days to endure. Too many years can be remembered where sub-zero temperatures placed stress on travel as well as the fear of being caught in a snowstorm … continue reading


As a sort of marker of day one in using a new word that I've created and will likely use a time or two in the future, I'm writing this evening about a word that I'm adding to my own personal dictionary. Tonight is the debut of annoyant. I'm surprised it hasn't come about until now since it would be quite appropriately used at times when one is sear … continue reading

Everything’s Fine at 112 Pine

I have a listing located in our bedroom community of Plymouth which I find to be one of the most charming of older homes. Many years ago when I was just a newbie Realtor and perhaps only in the business for likely several years, I started working with a handsome young couple who was looking for a home to raise their family. We spent some time viewi … continue reading

Don’t be too late for 1108

If there was ever a perfect starter home in Mason City that has been the most meticulously cared for, 1108 N. Adams would certainly make the cut. It has been owned by the same family since 1959. They were a young couple at the time and chose to raise their family there where they remained there until one spouse passed and the other moved to assiste … continue reading

An Enduring Value at 50 Winnebago Court

I listed a home about a week ago that's located on the southwest side of Mason City on one of the quieter half circle streets. When I went out to meet with one of the relatives who is looking after it, I knew it had been owned by the same people for a very long time because I didn't recall it ever being on the market since I became a Realtor. I wa … continue reading

Winter Beauty

Having awakened numerous times in the night due to the gusts of wind creating their wintery chords in the trees, I found myself not wanting to get up with a feeling I hadn't enough rest. It was no surprise to find snow, but at least we didn't receive as much wind and cold as predicted. If last night was the greatest blast of the arctic vortex we we … continue reading

Off the Grid

I can't help but mention again how fortunate we are to have the pleasant weather on the 3rd day of January. I mentioned something to someone several days ago about how the weather was about 20+ years ago. It was almost like clock-work to find that in and around the last weeks of December and the first weeks of January, we would experience bitter co … continue reading

A Virgin to the Altar

Living in an ever-changing world, we find that we must acclimate to, as well as accept change. Change not so much as being the houses we live in or the clothes we wear because these are simply vogues which come and go in a few short years, but the changes of behavior and social mores. Back when I was but one and twenty, there were things we just a … continue reading