Monthly Archives: January 2015

Closer to Heaven in 647

I listed a home just before winter arrived on one of Mason City's historic streets where many community activities take place. From the marching bands and floats of the yearly Band Festival, to the 5 and 10K benefit runs that happen often during the year, to the Cannon Ball Days and 4th of July activities taking place in East Park, along with numer … continue reading

Keeping One’s Leg Up

Ever so often I see things happening in families with whom I've worked with in a generational sense, and wonder why there appears to be a sort of repeat of bad choices that trickle down through, and become part of, the following generations. There are other families where one finds great movement in an upward sense as far as understanding bad situa … continue reading

Angels in Hiding

Believe it or not, we had another beautiful day in North Iowa today. As we are moving closer to the end of January, I thought I would look at the extended weather forecast. One of the National Weather Service maps showed that the predicted weather pattern for the Midwest for February and March is halved with one section having above normal temperat … continue reading

Take up Sauntering

I couldn't believe how absolutely beautiful the day was today. I could almost smell Spring in the air. As each year passes since the StreetScape project was completed, I'm noticing more and more people leisurely walking around the downtown on Sunday afternoons. It may not seem so significant, but if the general public get into the habit of strollin … continue reading

The Big Picture?

It was so good to find the temperature today above 40 degrees knowing full well it could be much colder for this time of year since I continue to be haunted with memories of last winter. I was doing a little sales research at the office before I had to be at my public open house and found that in some price ranges, our market values are continuing … continue reading

You’ll home fore eight to 21448

I'm delighted to raise the curtain to the general public on an acreage that I listed today. It's not very often that an acreage so close to Mason City comes on the market in this price range due to the well known fact that the closer one gets to their work here in the City, the more valuable it is simply because of the cost of time and money saved … continue reading

Every Body needs a Buddy

Since today was a bit of a slow January day, I thought it best to busy myself with doing the de-nesting of my office that somehow gets itself cluttered with papers and publications over a month and sometimes year's time. I happened upon a photo I snapped some years ago of a client and her dog that were seated on a couch in their home. After her dog … continue reading

You’ll Come Alive in 935

I've had a home listed for some time in the southeast quadrant of Mason City and for all practical purposes, should have been sold months ago. But, as I've mentioned in the past, there are far too many young and able-bodied buyers who either want to jump higher in price range where they can purchase a home that is in a more turn-key condition, or t … continue reading

Salted Wounds

Whenever I'm asked how well the real estate market has been in Mason City, I nearly always reply, "Good". Whenever I'm asked about how the sales have been for me, I truly and most soulfully say, "Mason City has continued to be good to me over the years, and I'm very thankful for it." Taking a high road is always best when responding to questions f … continue reading

You’ll Feel Fancy free in 1403

I have a home listed that's a bit under the radar in value due to many features that most people simply overlook. The home is located at 1403 S. Kentucky Ave. here in Mason City. The home was custom built back in 1968 for the family that owned the land where the Stone Pillar Subdivison is now and this home was built on part of that original family … continue reading