deerAs a sort of marker of day one in using a new word that I’ve created and will likely use a time or two in the future, I’m writing this evening about a word that I’m adding to my own personal dictionary. Tonight is the debut of annoyant. I’m surprised it hasn’t come about until now since it would be quite appropriately used at times when one is searching for the correct name to place on someone without sounding mean spirited. So now let’s start thinking about examples of annoyants.

Just today, I listened in a very quiet and professional way someone seated across the desk from me basically telling me what should or shouldn’t be done with a client whom they’ve rarely seen and personally know little about. In my attempts to change the subject, this person continued to give reasons why there should be this or that done until I looked away for the last time and started making comparisons with this person’s life choices. It finally stopped and we continued on with the conversation. I would say without a doubt, that person was an annoyant. Didn’t even know how to spell my client’s name.

Have you ever been followed around in one of the stores that sells electronics and find a young man or woman continuing to believe they are going to sell you something because they’re convinced they know what you’re looking for. I’ll never forget the time I was at one of those stores and the dear young man would not leave me alone. I finally turned to him and said with a gentle voice, “If you don’t stop following me around, I will leave this store immediately without purchasing what I’m surely capable of finding myself.” He finally left me alone and I found what I wanted and purchased it. Up until I finally said something, I would have considered him an annoyant at the time.

Because I’m so pleased with my new word, I’m certainly going to make a mental note and name this person an annoyant when it happens the next time. I’m sure most of you try to call someone on their cell phone and they won’t pick up, but if you text them, they respond nearly immediately. When simply wanting to make a quick call to someone turns into a tedious texting session, that is the work of an annoyant. Others I’ve spoken to about this find it equally annoying.

The non-stop questioning by someone who doesn’t wait until the answer is fully given and directs another, and another and another question in one’s direction without being able to fully answer each question is also an annoyant. A person of great acumen told me once not long ago that whenever he’s asked his opinion about something and they interrupt in a most rude way, he simply stops and dismisses any more requests for his opinion. I’m sure he’d like to start using my new word as well.

I must make sure I clarify the naming of someone an annoyant. If one is having a bad hair day and they say or do something out of their ordinary that is distasteful, then I wouldn’t consider this person an annoyant. But if there is a person whom we find to continually do or say things that would not be generally acceptable to a reasonable person’s opinion, then this person would be classified as an annoyant.

I’m sure in these next days you’ll think of annoyants that you know.

Joe Chodur

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