Monthly Archives: January 2015

There’s a better Life in another Key

In the wake of a winter snowstorm approaching, I'm not so terribly concerned about the snow hanging around long due to this being the last day of our yearly long and dark January. I hope everyone remembers that Monday is Groundhog Day and for more the better than worse, we'll be looking at but a mere six more weeks of my most dis-liked seasons of t … continue reading

Dialing in 911

With the population of North Iowa, as well as our Nation as a whole growing older, I'm discovering more buyers looking for homes that offer everything on one level. Even with condominiums where all the maintenance is being taken care of by the association, if a particular condo is not on the main floor, or has more steps involved in access, the buy … continue reading

Out of Left Field

Once in a while someone will say something to me that nearly causes me to stoop from aching laughter. A dear elderly client said something to me yesterday that indeed caused me to almost fall off my chair from laughter simply because I wasn't expecting to hear something so funny from her as well as the way it was said so deliberately in her matte … continue reading

Controlling the Bugaboos

I'm not sure if it's the winter weather, the troubles in the world, or even possibly the phase of the moon lately, as I've been finding these days more people being terribly fearful about things to a degree of their being out of perspective with reality.  Being worrisome about things that are likely not going to happen tend to bring those very pos … continue reading

You’ll get it Spiffy at 50

I'm pleased to announce a great price reduction of a home I recently listed in a popular west-side location of Mason City. I don't think I've had it listed even a month, but due to the property now being in an estate, the executor has decided to reduce the price so that it sells in a short period of time. As we all know, it you want something sold … continue reading

Like Attracts Like

From all the statics that have been given, be they correct or polluted, I've come to the conclusion these past ten years or more, I would have been out of business long ago had it not been for the deep-seated loyalty over the years of clients and customers. I had an opportunity to think about this over the weekend while working with an adult child … continue reading


I glanced at my clock this morning and noticed it was 5:55, looked out the window and noticed it had just started to snow likely minutes earlier. I held my breath in hopes that we wouldn't get much more than a dusting and fortunately it was no more than that. I had an inspiration to dress a bit smart for church this morning by wearing a bow tie. I … continue reading

The Extra Mile

There were several happenings today that caused me to be reminded that there really are very caring people who live here in Mason City and freely go out of their way to help those in need. Being in a near constant state of movement since I pulled up to the office today, I was in hopes all my appointments and little jobs would fall into their respec … continue reading

You’ll be the King or Queen at 1313

I just received a drastic price reduction on a home here in Mason City which should have been sold right out of the gates after it was listed, but unfortunately it came on the market just before winter arrived. Another marketing problem I've been having is that most people when they look on-line, don't look at all the photos or the complete descrip … continue reading

Men of Prey

Several weeks ago I started working with a mother and daughter who were referred to me by a relative of theirs whom I'd sold a home to some years ago. Since not having met them before, they were both a bit nervous about working with me simply because I was a stranger as well as their not being familiar with the process of purchasing a home in these … continue reading