Monthly Archives: April 2015

Spirited Grace

It evolved into a great day in North Iowa today after the clouds cleared and the streets and lawns began to melt from the light snow shower we had overnight. A newcomer to the area from out of State asked about our weather here in the northland and all I said was that we have pretty much nine months of tolerable weather, and the remaining three are … continue reading

Knee Jerk

Our April showers should indeed bring fresh May flowers to desktops this coming month. I'll be looking forward to Lilacs and Irises in bloom as the smell of both of them is quite intoxicating. I'll always remember the bed of Lilacs my grandmother had and when in bloom I used to go out and kneel down near the blossoms and get my nose as close to the … continue reading

Janitor in a Drum

In an attempt to keep myself smiling today in spite of hearing of several disturbing phone calls from a bit looney, non-blood related, and certainly not distant enough relative, I've decided most people who live in the hinterlands really don't get it when it comes to standard protocol when conversing with others. The turning of the tables of realit … continue reading

Elder Day

I hope this Spring and Summer is not going to be one of those years where we have wild swings in temperatures and weather patterns. It wasn't pleasing to the eye to see a shower later today of small pebble-sized hail. The hail storm of 2001 was certainly one to remember. The magnitude of damage in and around the city was a sight I'll never forget. … continue reading

Cloudless Horizons

Working with a delightful young lady these past weeks has re-affirmed my belief that there're those of the younger crowd who are willing to work at building equity via home fix-ups, color changes, and decorating.  She's on a fast track in learning what to look for in a home that'll create faster equity than others all trimmed out with all the visu … continue reading

Happy Easter 2015

Oh what an absolutely wonderful Easter Sunday! It was fun seeing so many people filing into the different churches Downtown wearing their Easter Sunday best. It's good to find many have not yet lost the tradition of wearing something extra special to their Easter services. Yes, I know there are those who seem to not want to darken the doors of thei … continue reading

Pearl of the Past

It seems as the weather warms, my over-drive is kicking in more often. There was nearly a small book of documents that I had to read early this morning on a real estate transaction and I was surprised to find myself having read and understood it all before my first appointment. I'm finding that an un-interrupted block of time is perfect for going o … continue reading

Medicinal Laughter

Several days ago I discovered something that I knew was missing in my life but couldn't exactly come up with what it was whenever the thought would strike me over these past 15 or 20 years. After a while I simply dismissed the thought in considering that I was just growing older and the seasons of my life were changing. Then one day someone said so … continue reading

Meet Half Way

I was busy out showing homes most of the afternoon to several customers who've been previous clients of our office. With that said, much of the conversation was about the homes we were viewing, but once in a while we veered off and spoke about some general topics. On of the subjects we landed on is the narcissistic behavior that is growing within o … continue reading

Buy One and get the other one Free

Some have projected that our weather patterns will be changing greatly due to global air pollution and diminished water resources. It came as quite a shock to find the temperature at 79 degrees today with a wind out of the south that was blowing far harder than normal. It wouldn't surprise me if we start seeing more people from the Southwestern Sta … continue reading