Monthly Archives: April 2015

Troubling Compromises

As the sun is marching a little farther north each day, we're beginning to find sunlight coming in windows that normally don't get it at least six months out of the year simply due the tipping of the earth on a seasonal basis. The northern and southern hemispheres are in a constant state of leaning towards and away from the sun during the span of a … continue reading


After these past two days of on and off rain, I believe its a true example of the old saying, “April showers will bring May flowers.” Noticing how quickly the flowers are coming up in just a 24 hour time period simply due to the heavy rain yesterday, absolutely amazes me. I was standing outside one of my client's homes this morning and while ch … continue reading

Rain Bursts

For most of humanity, each day is yet another day to chalk off the calendar with a “been there, done that” attitude. I believe most of these attitudes come from the lack of challenge and reaching for opportunities. Certainly everyone would consider my speaking of the reach towards opportunity refers to material gain. It's not meant to be taken … continue reading

Cursed or Blessed Earth

Nearly late, I arrived at a home showing this morning and found the buyer walking around the house while taking notes with pen and notepad. It really doesn't bother me to have buyers carefully inspecting everything simply to make sure nothing is missed as well as it being a help in jogging one's memory of what was on site simply by reviewing notes … continue reading

Every Home has Karma

On the fast track to find an acceptable home for one of my customers these past several weeks, I'm finding yet again a bit of an up-tick in prices of homes that are in the upper ranges and move-in ready. There's several that recently sold which I believed were a bit on the pricey side and still sold. When there's a glut of buyers in certain prices … continue reading

Worth Betting On

Turning backwards, I find myself speaking of a home again of which as far as I'm concerned has become even more of a great buy since another steep price reduction last week. The home of which I speak is located at 50 Winnebago Court here in Mason City. Without question, I cannot understand why so many of the ready, willing and able buyers have flow … continue reading

Windows to the World

We all must be terribly thankful for the most beautiful days of Spring that have arrived. The perennials are quickly pushing themselves out of the ground thanks to the rain we received of late as well as the life giving rays of sun. I toured a flower garden this morning that left me nearly breathless by the size of it and the many days of hard work … continue reading

Painting with Brooms

As we rapidly approach the 15th of April it seems there's even more things pressing than getting the last “look over” of our tax returns before they're submitted along with a personal check that some years feels like the coughing up one of the world's biggest fur balls. Yes, we all must pay our fair share and then some, but I really wish we all … continue reading

Iron Linings

We all know Sunday is supposed to be our day of rest but there are times when it becomes the day when we get things finished up with weekday work that spilled over to the weekend, or we find that Sunday is our only window of time to get things done around the home and possibly elsewhere.I went over to an elderly client's very early this morning t … continue reading

The Weight of Treasures

An absolutely fabulous day happened today.  In between appointments I changed my clothes and cleaned up about 5 gallons of semi-dried pigeon droppings that accumulated over the winter on the roof of my building.  I understand that pigeons are God's creatures as well, but I do wish they would evolve to a point where the'll go do their duties befor … continue reading