Monthly Archives: April 2015

Be the One in 721… North Delaware

I've been remiss in writing about a listing I have that's been a fly-over for buyers far too long. If there's ever been an exceptionally clean home that I've had listed, this one is one of the top ten. From the first time I entered it, I found a warm setting, and particularly clean. The problem most buyers have is that the sellers have lived there … continue reading

Conducive Productivity

Off times people speak about their inability to get things done in a timely manner which of course many times creates cogs in the wheels of transactions where there are more people contributing their portion of duties. Projects requiring fragments of the whole being performed by others, subsequently become stuck waiting for someone else to complete … continue reading

Eye Popper

Not so often I find myself in unfortunate situations where no matter how much nearly everyone involved is working towards a common goal, there enters from left field but one person who creates continuous chaos and discord. Like the old saying goes, “One bad apple can spoil the whole barrel.” Most recently I found myself in the middle of such a … continue reading

When in the Mood

Mondays are sometimes busy and other times hectic especially when the weather warms and people are in the mindset of buying or selling homes. Since I sometimes assist a handful of clients with their rental properties, it does become a bit much when juggling the needs of prospective tenants with clients and customers. I'm afraid one of these times I … continue reading

Mother Hen

Already more than several times this year I've had people whom I thought were a bit more noble about their intentions when using quite a bit of my time in establishing values on their homes and later find they've sold them privately. I understand being in competition with other Realtors for listings, but to knowingly look to an agent for a free mar … continue reading

Open or Closed Boxes

There was a chill in the air again this morning with the dampness of yesterday's rain and lower temperatures which gave me an urge to stop and pick up a cup of java from a local convenience store and happened to run into a woman with whom I shared several college classes a great number of years ago. We played catch up again since I normally don't … continue reading

Over the Shoulders

The wind must have decided to turn around and make a trip back north today with the strong southerly accompanied by rain. A bit too cold for my taste, but what can we expect since still in the turbulent month of April. It's certainly a good time to show houses when it's raining like this as it gives buyers an idea of what they may have in store for … continue reading

Oh Deer!

We are finally over the three days of strong wind. It seems a few trees in the area couldn't withstand the onslaught and finally gave up their resistance and fell over. That's the problem we have sometimes when the ground is so saturated with heavy rain and then the wind picks up. The roots aren't able to hold as well in soggy soil. I remember seei … continue reading

Working the Crowd

Another wind-filled day in North Iowa with what seems like an exceptionally long Alberta Clipper moving through. It's interesting to find when in an around pine trees, that when the wind is blowing, to hear what sounds so much like ocean waves breaking shore. I consider it an inlander's form of ocean sounds. I had to chuckle to myself today when at … continue reading

Plenty more at Twenty-Four

In spite of the near gale force wind today, I managed to hopscotch back and forth to appointments along with other duties. Driving up to Northwood today on an errand caused me to feel the full effect of the wind in having to keep both hands on the wheel simply to stay on the highway. It's not so much the wind blowing at a certain speed, but also wh … continue reading