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Buy-One-and-get-the-other-one-FreeSome have projected that our weather patterns will be changing greatly due to global air pollution and diminished water resources. It came as quite a shock to find the temperature at 79 degrees today with a wind out of the south that was blowing far harder than normal. It wouldn’t surprise me if we start seeing more people from the Southwestern States relocating to Iowa. Every time I hear about Southern California’s continued drought along with above average temperatures, it causes me to consider that some of them may be deciding to opt out of what they once thought the perfect climate. For many in those metro areas, is a grueling 2 – 3 hours in their vehicles per day simply to get to and from work. If there ever would be a great irritant for me, it would surely be exactly that. Yes, we all have made our choices for better or worse, but to find the weather becoming an unexpected wild card in our life’s journey, would certainly cause a bit more serious re-thinking on their part as to how much they are willing to endure in the years going forward.

I listed two side-by-side parcels of real estate that are lender foreclosures and we’ll see who’s got the vision and work ethic along with some coin to finish out what the previous owner began with these two homes. The main value is located at 215 N. Jefferson and nearly all the photos I took are of that home. Everywhere I looked I found many recent improvements, but nearly none of them finished. For example the exterior’s siding is not completely finished out with vinyl, many of the windows are newer thermal units but they’re not completed trimmed out, there are monster bedrooms that are not finished with drywall, and there’s finish work needed in the newer double attached garage. The square footage is amazing and the possibilities are endless in this home. The list goes on and on. Fortunately, the previous owner didn’t remove all the charming beveled glass windows, and most of the oak woodwork is still intact. There is another home at 221 N. Jefferson that’s included which could go either way; it could be scraped off and create a larger yard for the big house, or do a whole new interior and have it as either a mother-in-law’s home or an income producing rental. What’s great about these two properties is that whatever one does with them, they’ll command that corner of the block. I was surprised how solid the foundation is on 215 N. Jefferson as well as the ceiling height on the 3rd floor which could also be utilized as additional living area. These two properties are to be sold together due to the double attached garage that was built which extends over the lot line of 221 N. Jefferson. Believe me, I’ve had a first hand experience with picking up the pieces that someone else walked away from and after months of very hard work, the end product was fabulous. I’ll be waiting to see who’ll be the brave heart with vision to put these two properties back on Mason City’s map of yet another extreme home make-over. As a footnote, this is the perfect time of year to get started on a project like this. Buy them now, and have a good 8 months to work on getting everything on their exteriors completed before the snows arrive.

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