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duck-1I was busy out showing homes most of the afternoon to several customers who’ve been previous clients of our office. With that said, much of the conversation was about the homes we were viewing, but once in a while we veered off and spoke about some general topics. On of the subjects we landed on is the narcissistic behavior that is growing within our culture. I personally believe it’s very sad for the people that have to live with those types, but I’m even more sad for those who’ve embraced this behavior and consider it very much OK. Having spoken about this before, I would say my take on why it’s becoming more rampant, is that families, companies and corporations, as well as some religions encourage the idea of being special and above everyone else. I can usually spot people like this when they absolutely refuse to listen to advice and consider themselves more intelligent and faultless than anyone else in their work and family circles. I’ve had my share of clients and customers over the years with that mentality and have certainly found them a bit tedious through the whole process. My learned behavior has been the ability to work with them and get those jobs done without any real upsets in the processes. I only hope for them to get some form of counseling so they can deal with their mis-guided behaviors and have better and more fulfilling lives ahead.

Late this afternoon I had a wonderful encounter with an elderly client whom I’ll certainly never forget. He’s one of those men who I’ll work to emulate as I grow older. He’s witty, intelligent, caring, understanding, and above all filled with wonderful life stories that were told in a fashion where I could almost “see” those long ago dramas unfolding.  Too many older men are stereotyped as being crabby, dismissive, and never wanting to see anyone else’s side of a situation. I think I spent at least two hours visiting with him and when I walked away, I realized that I’d been there too long yet it only felt like about a half hour. Before I left, I mentioned in a preface that what I was going to say were not oily and patronizing words. I said, “You’ve been blessed with many wonderful things simply because of the honest and caring person you’ve likely been all your life.”

He waved me off while saying yet something more charming and clever. As I drove back to the office I began considering what it would be like to have many more people like him in our community. Becoming a person such as he is not something that just suddenly happens. Likely he made some choices early on in his life as to what type of person he’d be and simply started working at becoming better. Some of the naughty ones who’ve worked at working the crowd continue to raise the bars on their levels of compromising justice. Comparing this dear senior gentleman with another who’s in his age group, I’d say without question that today’s meeting was with a man who is filled to the brim with wholeness, while the other I compare him to is filled with emptiness. The funny thing is that they both likely have the same amount of material wealth. Money is not evil in and of itself, but rather what those who possess it consider money to be. It can be a tool to be used for good, or weapon to acquire power. Why don’t we ask each side to at least meet half way. I think we’d all be the better for it. Don’t you think?

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