Monthly Archives: November 2014

Creating a New Neighborhood

I'm sure nearly everyone who has been reading the paper and/or listening to the news are aware of the four homes which includes the Egloff House that are getting moved to the 300 Block of East State Street. A great deal of planning as well as hard work has been accomplished thus far and the second section of the Egloff House is nearing the point of … continue reading

Circular Barn

I met with a gentleman today who is moving here from another State and extended him the warmest of welcomes on another cold and wintery day. I teasingly told him to prepare himself for the inevitability of encountering far more windy days than he's been accustomed to in the past. I as well promised him that our summers are some of the most beautifu … continue reading

Ho-ray for Hay

With the wind having died down and the sun breaking through the clouds today, it was almost a complete reversal of yesterday's mind-darkening weather. In visiting with a prominent resident today, I mentioned how easily we find moods changing when confronted with unexpected bad weather. I think many of us become more internally anxious about it all … continue reading

Wooly Herd

I can't think of but only one very great annoyance today, and that was the cold and wind being far too early for the 17th day of November. I'm not sure whom I'm going to blame it on; likely some crazy foreign scientists getting their jollies. Now I know why scientists are trying to find enough DNA from that frozen Wooly Mammoth discovered in Siberi … continue reading

Feeling the Freeze

This morning was indeed an early surprise of snow and cold. With the temperature hovering around 10 degrees coupled with the wind, I found myself wearing more layers to keep it from biting. Since I've always been a bit of a freak about keeping the front sidewalk of my office clear of snow and ice, I was out there quite early in spite of the wind. … continue reading


Having endured the early snow that started around noon and found myself being ever watchful of both myself and others on the road today, by the time 4:00 PM arrived I was a bit more anxious than I normally am on a Saturday afternoon, and it showed. I will never understand why people drive on snowy unplowed streets as though they are driving on dry … continue reading

Spaghetti or Toast

I have to laugh to myself on occasion at the unusual eating habits of some people I encounter. Seeing convenience stores selling breakfast pizza slices along with hot dogs turning on a grill, burritos, and even chicken salad sandwiches makes one wonder how this whole business of re-defining what breakfast is got started.I'm sure many of you remem … continue reading


Well, I had one of my rare but infamous days where my thought patterns were either on over-load or being terribly acid in thought as well as a few strong remarks. While in attendance at several meetings, I was noticing several of the attendants paying far too much attention to their smart phones. I suppose I am from the dinosaur age where my phone … continue reading

On the Clip

As the cold weather embraces us for likely a number of months ahead, we tend to find ourselves reflecting on the warmer months that have passed. I often hear people talking about things they wish they'd done while the weather was good, but so often the time simply wasn't there; or so they say.For many, there is that idea of “tomorrow” being t … continue reading

Repeat Veterans Day

Every year when I was young I used to hear my grandmother speak of Armistice Day when it arrived. She would speak about a number of her relatives and friends who went off to war. Some returned and some didn't due either to being killed in battle or having died from the 1918 flu pandemic that swept across Europe and subsequently reaching global prop … continue reading