Monthly Archives: November 2014

Many Hands make Light Work

Before the cold snap arrives I thought it best to get a few small menial jobs completed before tomorrow. I called a gentleman and asked if he would come and help me with getting some loose ends on a home tied up and he agreed. What I was expecting to take several hours was finished in about 45 minutes.Getting a helping hand or two once in a while … continue reading

Red Sky at Sunset

So happy to have the sun shining today and above freezing. I stopped a moment at Central Park to watch the horse drawn wagon people were taking rides on with their children in around the downtown. What a great old-fashioned way to start off the holiday season. By the look on the faces of those children, they were enjoying their ride being pulled by … continue reading

Black Friday Round-up

I had an interesting conversation with a customer today who happens to have his own company and does service work in the North Iowa area. The thrust of the conversation was about how some people for whatever reason try to make it hard on him with regards to expecting more than what was entailed in the agreed upon bid, or finding excuses for not pay … continue reading

Reaching for the Light

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone! I hope all the get togethers whether big or small are heart-warming and memorable. I felt a bit sad for an elderly woman who mentioned yesterday that she was going to be alone this year as her children had other plans. I know she is a very proud woman and likely wouldn't go to any of the dinners being hosted by sever … continue reading

Aisles of Snowflakes

Today was a day I reminded myself how absolutely thankful I am living far and away from much of the strife that is going on in some of the bigger cities these days. In spite of the three to four months of sometimes nasty weather, and many of the extras that I find myself doing to keep soft landings happening in my business, I'm still happy to be li … continue reading

The Rear View Mirror

On my way out of town this morning I noticed something again that I've often wondered about when having seen it in the past. It all started when I pulled up to astop light and glanced over to the vehicle that was along side me. In seeing what he had hanging from his rear view mirror re-kindled thoughts as well as memory. I'm not sure when this busi … continue reading

The Jumpers

Again, the wind found every possible corner to torment with its biting cold today. I'm beginning to believe there is not just one factor but a combination of them that's causing these unusual weather patterns these past years. From the time I was young, I don't remember but a few times we had ice, where now it seems to be arriving on a yearly basis … continue reading

Sunday walk in the Park

I can certainly say today went speeding by with a wooosh! I wasn't sure if it was the number of little jobs I had or all the people and phone calls during the day. I'm convinced the activity during these weeks was temperature driven. Today's weather was overcast but quite warm compared to recent days. Even the people at my public open house were mo … continue reading

Like Feathers in the Wind

Seems many were in somewhat dark spirits today due to the heavily overcast skies along with a strange sort of intermittent mist. I was surprised to find more visitors at my public open house considering how attitudes were today. I stopped at a take-away to grab something small and quick beforehand as I often do on Saturdays. There was an older coup … continue reading

The Eclectic Decorator

I had a great opportunity to view a home today that has always caused me to grab a second glance while driving by as it is one of those homes that has a bit of a cut above average look. Since the home hadn't ever been on the market during the years I've sold real estate, today was my first opportunity to see the interior. To my surprise, it was far … continue reading