Wooly Herd

Wolly Mammoth-2I can’t think of but only one very great annoyance today, and that was the cold and wind being far too early for the 17th day of November. I’m not sure whom I’m going to blame it on; likely some crazy foreign scientists getting their jollies. Now I know why scientists are trying to find enough DNA from that frozen Wooly Mammoth discovered in Siberia last year. They want to prepare for the coming Ice Age. On a positive note, I guess we will all be ever more thankful when winter is over and another season of sun and outdoor delight begins. I think a few of the construction projects are under pressure now and hopefully the workers can at least get things buttoned up enough to get through these extended days of below normal temperatures.

The business traffic downtown was definitely on the slim side today. I was beginning to wonder if it was Sunday instead of Monday. I did get a laugh today when a clerk mentioned that her two year old son asked why it was so cold. She couldn’t give him much more of an answer than, “Because it is.” On my way back to the office I en-visioned myself being asked the question and likely going into great detail as to why it gets so cold sometimes as well as why winter arrives every year. Can you imagine what a two year old would be thinking while listening to me going into great detail regarding why winter is what it is? On-going answers oft times lead to on-going questions to where we find ourselves on totally different subjects and look back and ask, “How did we get on this conversation?”

I was visited by a colleague today regarding some future issues that must be addressed in the new year. I found myself veering off on another subject and giving my nickel opinion on why I believe more people should step out of themselves more often and consider what is really going on with themselves and their transactions. The point I was attempting to make was that too many people don’t simply want to be advocates for their clients and customers, but seem to want to take it to the next level and become self-proclaimed heroes. It was brought to my attention by a business person some weeks ago regarding a member of a board.  It is not so uncommon for some to create un-necessary problems simply to appear later as the hero in fixing them. I recognize them too well and attempt to keep a safe distance should I be pulled into one of their problems in the making.

One very positive thing about these unusually cold days and from a buyer’s perspective, is that most sellers get very anxious about getting their homes sold before the real hard winter arrives. These are times when a discerning buyer can likely purchase a home for considerably less than what it would sell for in warmer weather. It’s the fear factor kicking in while the worry beads get twirled in hopes that they won’t have to sit on a property all winter and fret about the snow, furnaces running, and possibly maintenance issues. It has been this way all the years I’ve marketed real estate. When it comes to fear of holding a home over winter, it is indeed part of a distinct herd mentality and is deeply imbedded in sellers’ thought processes. I call it the Wooly Herd of Worry.

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