Monthly Archives: November 2014

Thai Soup

With the temperature dropping quickly and a cold mist in the air this evening, I'm hoping we only get brushed by the tail of the arctic front that is moving across the northern States. I do remember where I parked my snow shovel and where my winter gloves are stored and hope when tomorrow morning arrives that's all I will be reaching for are my glo … continue reading

Freedom of Movement

I've been starting to notice a pattern in the preferences of buyers these past five to ten years in that they seem to be not only be location conscious, but also privacy conscious.I especially see this happening with buyers that can afford to reach higher in price in order get that extra privacy.  I've had more than my share of buyers this year … continue reading

Burning Bright Inner Lights

Every so often I run into people whom I've either worked with in the past or have known for years but haven't seen or spoken with in a long time. There are a handful of these people whom I would say share something very special in common and that is a certain radiance of goodness. For me it doesn't have much at all to do with what they say or don't … continue reading

Bad Hair Day

Yes. I've spoken about this before, but doesn't it seem sometimes from the moment we get up in the morning until the time we go to bed, there's an attitude we have that's not what you would consider the most bubbly. Perhaps it's the side effects of the full moon from last night where nearly everyone and everything I encountered today was a bit on t … continue reading

Life in the Same Key

Encountering and listening to several young people interacting today caused me to remember a an oral presentation I gave a number of years ago regarding inter-personal relationships. In trying to describe how people grow apart as well as continue to grow together, I used the analogy of comparing relationships to corresponding musical keys. Sounds a … continue reading

Pitches and Tones

It appears the market is continuing to move forward even though we are approaching the historical "dead time" between the holidays of Thanksgiving and Christmas. I'm so thankful the weather is still hanging in there and not becoming ugly early as it did last year. This morning, I had a most delightful conversation with Jodee O'Brien who is the Exec … continue reading

Pre-winter Preps

The first days of the month are always a bit busier with clients and customers along with the extra first of the month accounting that must be performed. I found myself today in and out of my car more often than usual simply making sure everyone had everything they needed to keep the world of real estate moving forward.I attempt to be pro-active … continue reading

Allow your Conscience to Vote

After fielding seemingly endless political calls both at the office and home as well as the growing number of political yard signs sprouting more on a daily basis, I will say without a doubt, that I'll be glad to see the first Tuesday in November come and go. I've indeed grown tired of the partisan attitudes of many who believe their political part … continue reading

Rubber Necks

Ever since I can remember I found there to be certain people who seem to make every one else's business their own. Some go to the extent of driving out of their way to get a look at someone or something that they seem to be overly curious about.We even have them in our families as well as our workplaces. The peeking around corners and bending ear … continue reading

Self-Sufficient Iowa

I had to place some open house directional signs early this morning for a home I have listed in Plymouth. Since my day was starting early, I thought it best to get them out before dawn broke. As I was heading north on S56, I noticed in the distance a large number of red blinking lights dotting fields farther to the north. It caused me to wonder whe … continue reading