Monthly Archives: October 2013

Rocky Roads

Today wasn't the happiest of days of recent and I've found myself pushing forward with the mindset that tomorrow will be a better day. Just this week I have encountered two of my listing which are solid family homes being battered by an appraiser who insists that he's doing his job according to “lender standards.” It's not that the homes are no … continue reading


The more I find the polarization of how people live and conduct themselves in public and private, I find there to be two distinct groups emerging. Just today I received a phone call from a man who rented from our office some years ago and insisted that I find him something to rent. I couldn't help but remember walking with the owner through the apa … continue reading

A Home with a Soul

I just met with a client today to get a price reduction on the home that I listed about a month ago. My client is very interested in getting the home sold quickly so as always when there is everything done that can be done to get a home sold, the last resort is a price reduction to bring the pricing under the competition. I'm confident there will b … continue reading


I listed a very nice 2 bedroom home today which is owned by an older couple whom have decided to sell it and move to a retirement community called The Manor. I am quite familiar with The Manor which was once the Hotel Hanford in downtown Mason City. I don't ever remember anyone who sold their home and moved there that didn't like it. I tell everyon … continue reading

Better the Devil you Know

Our society today is in a constant state of flux in search of absolute perfection. It's of no surprise due to the bombardment of the media imploring us to get something newer and better. That's part of our learned throw away mentality. It is also due to the narcissism that has become an acceptable behavior.More and more I find men and women who h … continue reading

Elegance is an Attitude

Most people take elegance for granted. After these long years of interacting with the general public, it has been again confirmed after working with a woman these past months who is purchasing a home, I have found that there is more to elegance than meets the eye. I will use this person as an example of how we should identify real elegance. My firs … continue reading

Open House Weekend for October 26th and 27th

On Saturday October 26th the following Open Houses will be presented:907 N. Jefferson Ave. 1:00 – 3:00 PM This 4 bedroom 1 ½ bath completely updated family home is a “Must See” before you make your home choice here in Mason City. You'll not find all the bells and whistles in anything close to this price. It is lender owned and they want it … continue reading


Most people live months and years in homes doing their day to day chores of keeping their living spaces in a neat and tidy condition. We make sure the floors are scrubbed clean and the carpets vacuumed as well as windows washed and furniture dusted. We walk past items many times a day that are often real culprits for spreading dust and air borne pa … continue reading

The Return of the Doors

I spent some time in a 3 bedroom brick home today that was built sometime in the mid 1930s which I would say was quite the family home. Most people would walk through it and find themselves confronted by numerous doors. Everywhere you look you find beautiful oak doors with oak casings and trim. Some have windows in them and some are solid with wood … continue reading

Thirteen Steps

Today was another day I discovered a person who is no older than 35 whom is purchasing a 1 story home. I heard from a friend, who said the only reason this person is purchasing a one level home is that going up and down steps was unacceptable because of the work and time involved. How absolutely crazy! Mason City is in the Blue Zone Project and we … continue reading