The more I find the polarization of how people live and conduct themselves in public and private, I find there to be two distinct groups emerging. Just today I received a phone call from a man who rented from our office some years ago and insisted that I find him something to rent. I couldn’t help but remember walking with the owner through the apartment he vacated after he moved out. I can only say that it was yet another example of how I am convinced the human constitution is much greater than we could ever imagine. On the flip side, I have a client who is so fussy about her home, she insists that I give her more than 24 hours notice to show or she will be out of sorts and her home would be too much un-presentable to show. Well, I have to tell you, this person has a home that you could easily eat off her floors. She makes me laugh to myself every time she speaks about the condition of her home. So terribly many years ago when I was young and impressionable, I attended our once a week Realtor meetings. There were several men whom I will never name that would eat sticky gooey donuts and not only lick their fingers but also stick their fingers in their mouths. Oh Mercy! If you only could imagine what went through my mind when I sat at that table and viewed such vulgarity. I am convinced that I must have been raised in another time and place because seeing someone licking fingers in public sends my thoughts back to how people lived during the Dark Ages. It seems to be happening everywhere and even in my own family. Once when one of my sisters were visiting some years ago, I caught her licking her fingers. When I chided her, I felt more sorry than she did because so many of us just learn to acclimate to those who surround us. Persnickety shouldn’t be a negative feature of someone’s make-up but rather a positive one.

Joe Chodur

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