Elegance is an Attitude

Most people take elegance for granted. After these long years of interacting with the general public, it has been again confirmed after working with a woman these past months who is purchasing a home, I have found that there is more to elegance than meets the eye. I will use this person as an example of how we should identify real elegance. My first encounter with her was via an e-mail that was sent to me some months ago. The message was general in that she was beginning to look at homes and there were several of my listing that she wanted to view. She left her phone number and asked that I call and set an appointment to view them if they were still available.

I made the call and set the appointment. In my first encounter with her I found her not striking but a woman who has likely endured many trials in her life yet worked through them with a smile that seemed addictive. After more and more showings to her and her husband we became quite well acquainted. I will never forget being trapped in a vacant home with them during a very long and heavy rain storm and finding ourselves laughing and telling stories of past experiences. I think we all walked away sort of wishing it had rained a bit longer. One of the most striking features of this buyer’s elegance is her absolute genuine smile and no matter what we talk about, she seems to always looks at the bright and sometimes funny side of everything that happens in life. She knows that I admire her and we likely will cross paths often after her and her husband purchases a home. But, if I never see her again after their purchase I will take her charming smile and smiling eyes to my grave. So, if anyone thinks that elegance is only skin deep, they are absolutely wrong. Elegance is an attitude. As a footnote, my mother has a large picture of her aunt hanging in her hallway of yet an elegant woman whom I never known but always admired. After hearing the story of her, she was another woman of another age who possessed elegance with an attitude.

Joe Chodur

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