I listed a very nice 2 bedroom home today which is owned by an older couple whom have decided to sell it and move to a retirement community called The Manor. I am quite familiar with The Manor which was once the Hotel Hanford in downtown Mason City. I don’t ever remember anyone who sold their home and moved there that didn’t like it. I tell everyone I could live there. Well, in visiting with the sellers whom I have known for quite some time, explained to me that they didn’t want to be responsible for their gorgeous yard filled with numerous types of perennials, nor do they want the work at shoveling and going up and down the basement steps to do laundry. They also mentioned that they will now be more free to travel without worrying about the house. The Mrs. also mentioned to me that it was time to get rid of “stuff” that they’ve collected over the years. They both do a great deal of community work and will continue to do so after they move. One thing they said that will stick which with me is that they have their health problems but they are so very thankful and take in stride their heath issues because they know many more who are younger with far worse conditions. So many of us believe we have to have the best of the best and nothing any less will do because we “think” our lives are fixed. Well, indeed nothing remains the same and all of our lives are in a constant state of evolution whether we like it or not. In visiting with this couple today I have been yet again reminded that most of us work almost all of our lives gathering, and spend the remaining years gleaning. In considering the whole picture, I believe I would rather be needless rather than needful.

Joe Chodur

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