Better the Devil you Know

Our society today is in a constant state of flux in search of absolute perfection. It’s of no surprise due to the bombardment of the media imploring us to get something newer and better. That’s part of our learned throw away mentality. It is also due to the narcissism that has become an acceptable behavior.

More and more I find men and women who have been married for many years suddenly deciding to get a divorce for sometimes the most obscure reasons. Society in general pressures us to “find” ourselves and become just another stereotypical person living a life that fits into the cookie cutter patterns that most everyone else does. We run out and buy the newest cell phone with all the apps we convince ourselves we need. We have to have the vehicle that is the most popular today because we see everyone else driving one. Every time I see a person who lives in the city and works in an office driving a monster pickup truck with all the bells and whistles, I think to myself, “Hmmm, what is that all about?”

I doubt the truck bed has carried anything more than groceries from the store. So very often when I’m showing homes I hear people say there are not enough closets, but in fact most homes have more than enough. This gets back to my point. Society is continuing to pressure us in so subtle of a way to continue on a path of the idea that new is better. Have you ever found anyone in a public office whom everyone loves? Yet, there are mud slinging parties every time the elections roll around. This is one reason I would NEVER run for a public office. No one ever looks to what good any politician has done, but rather what they have not. I smile to myself when writing this article today because a very influential and extremely intelligent woman who lives in our city said to me this year, “Sometimes I think that monarchy is not such a bad thing after all.” I thought about that statement while driving back to the office and peeled back her real message. What I believe she attempted to say was that she preferred to have stability and order in our community no matter who is running the show. With that said, I say, “Isn’t it better the devil we know, than the one we don’t?”

Joe Chodur

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